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IT provides data backup, backup administration, and data-restoration services for the Berkeley Lab community.

We're celebrating World Backup Day on March 31st.   Take a moment to make sure your backups are functioning and complete!

Institutionally supported collaboration services like Google Docs/Drive, Commons, and CIFS/Windows File Storage are already protected and backed up - these are great places to put your files.

Laptops and Desktops

For Mac and Windows Laptops and Desktops, we recommend the use of our hosted backup service Druva inSync which offers unlimited backups for $51/yr (billed monthly) per user for up to 10 devices. Click here for more information

Servers and Shared Storage

For servers and linux workstations, we offer a backup service via UC Berkeley Tivoli Storage Manager. Click here for more information

Science Data Archiving

If you have large Office of Science sponsored scientific datasets, consider contacting your program manager about getting access to NERSC storage resources. If you are unable to get an allocation from NERSC, please contact us.

Laptops and Desktops

IT's Druva. Unlimited data for $4.25/month

Server and Shared Storage

Custom backup solutions from IT. Prices vary.

Large Scientific Datasets (Archival)

Consider contacting your program manager for getting access to NERSC storage resources. Additional possibilities are available Contact IT for consultation

News & Commentary

Blog Posts