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The Information Technology (IT) Division supports Berkeley Lab's scientific mission by developing and maintaining the Lab's computing, information, and communications infrastructure. This infrastructure includes networking and telecommunications; desktop computing support; information systems for management, scientific clusters, technical information and computer security.


Information technology services that enable the Berkeley Lab’s expanding, global scientific leadership.


The Information Technology Division supports the Berkeley Lab’s scientific mission by developing, maintaining, supporting and securing the Lab’s scientific and business operations computing platforms and its data, information and telecommunications infrastructure.

Our Stakeholders and Advisors

IT welcomes advice and input on our services and strategies from everyone in our community. You can provide feedback by contacting a responsible manager from the list below, or by emailing [email protected]

In addition, we have formal engagement with the following committees
ITC: The Information Technology Council
SCC: The Scientific Systems Committee
BSC: The Business Systems Committee
CPIC: The Computer Protection Implementation Committee

Our People

IT Diversity, Education and Outreach

View or download the IT Org Chart below:

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