Critical security updates for Windows system - PrintNightmare

To all Windows system users, Microsoft has recently released some critical security updates regarding PrintNightmare. Please run Windows Update and check if your system requires any patches. It is strongly recommended to do this NOW and monitor any future communications from IT regarding this recent security threat. 

While Microsoft has released updates to address this current issue, there have been reports that the first round of updates are insufficient. Our recommendation at this time is to run Windows Updates, including rebooting if necessary, and keep an eye out for future Windows Update communications from IT. If BigFix is not currently installed on your system, we recommend you install BigFix as soon as possible so we can keep your system safe and you informed.  

In order to minimize disruption, when checking for updates, you may get more than one update that requires a restart. Please wait until all updates are completed before restarting your computer or you may have to reboot more than once. In addition, if the BigFix reboot notification appears, double check your Windows Updates application to ensure all updates have been completed before you reboot.

Keeping your Windows system up to date is important

Here is How to run Windows Update for Windows 10. Reboot your computer if required by the Windows Update.

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