Blog from May 09, 2017

May 10 9:30AM All user-facing systems except for scientific unix/scientific clusters are believed to be fully available.

May 10 8:24AM Restoration activities are ongoing.  Some business systems which were restored need to be taken down to address a hardware issue (including FMS).   This outage should take < 1 hr. Telephony and networking appear to be working correctly - please report issues to   There is no ETA for scientific computing/clusters but restoration is in progress and no hardware failures have yet been identified.

The power outage which occurred ~9:30APM May 9th has been partially resolved.  Power has returned to most areas of the site (see Level 1 emails).   Most IT systems are operational, but some are still being restored.    Scientific Computing/Clusters/HPCS have no ETA for restoration at this time.


There is a power outage impacting numerous systems on the site as of 9:40PM May 9 2017.   IT is investigating.   No estimated return to service.