Major IT Outage Scheduled for Friday, December 26

To support testing of recently repaired emergency power off (EPO) equipment, a full network outage is scheduled on December 26 from 8:00AM-3:30PM.  We expect some services to be restored before 3:30PM.   All Laboratory network connectivity, most IT services, and some telephone services will be unavailable.

Impacted Services: Numerous, representative major services include:

  1. All Laboratory Network Connectivity (except and, but including JGI.  Access to and from LBL to the internet and between subnets will be unavailable.  

  2. All Laboratory Websites excluding those hosted outside LBL.  Since there will be no network connectivity to LBL, all websites hosted at LBL will be unavailable.  However,,, and will be available as they are hosted outside the Laboratory.

  3. All remote access to LBL.  Again, since there will no network connectivity, remote access will not be possible.

  4. Google Services including Email (partial): During the outage, incoming and outgoing email will be queued and delivered when connectivity is restored.  Users with active authenticated sessions to Google services including gmail will be able to use these services during the outage, but new authentications to Google will not be available.   Access to email via IMAP will also be available, but again, outgoing and incoming email will not be delivered until after the outage.

  5. All Authentication:  No authentications using LDAP or (Shibboleth) will be possible during the outage.

  6. All business systems will be unavailable, as there will be no network connectivity.

  7. All Voicemail

  8. Phone service in buildings 46, 71 and 76

Selected Services Anticipated to be Available: