New Approach to Account Creation launched May 15, 2014

As part of a plan to reduce manual effort by the HR Shared Services new hire onboarding team, our collaboration team, and the IT Help desk - we deployed some new automated processes for Account Creation on May 15, 2014.  We offer three types of services: An Enterprise Directory Account (sometimes referred to as "LDAP") which everyone gets, a Google account, and an Active Directory Account for Windows File and Print services (network shares are also access by Mac Users). 

What's Changed?

1. We are disconnecting the idea of an enterprise directory (LDAP) username from a Google account.  (We were creating too many Google accounts when all that really needed was an "ldap" account to log into a system like JHA).  Google Accounts provide a lab email address and access to other core products (calendar, drive/docs, sites) and these services are generally not required by affiliates.


2. We create enterprise directory usernames automatically for everyone -  staff, contract workers and affiliates, using the same logic we were employing in the manual process. These accounts are created when the HR Hire action is completed and an employee number is assigned (usually the evening of the hire date action).  Passwords are provided at the badge office or by calling the IT Help Desk. Usernames are unique at LBL - we will not issue one that has been used before.


3.  Username choices, in order are:

  • FMLastname (JBSmith)
  • FLastname (JSmith)
  • FirstnameLastname (JoeSmith)
  • FirstnameMLastname (JoeMSmith)
  • FML (JMS)
  • FMLastname##  (JBSmith02)

4. We create Google accounts (with the same username) for email, etc for all staff and contract workers.  Accounts for affiliates will be ordered by HR Shared Services if selected by the host or designee on the Affiliate Registry when initiating the affiliate appointment.

5. We create Active Directory accounts (with the same username)  for all staff  and contract workers and start them in a disabled state.  They can be enabled when the user calls the HD and asks for their first password.  Active Directory is used by most staff employees in Operations and to a lesser extent by Scientific Divisions.  

Are you are an affiliate and need an account?

If anyone needs either a Google account or an Active Directory account and one is not automatically created, use the account request form and a ticket will be generated for processing by IT staff.  Go to our Lab services portal and follow the link for "commonly requested services"