Major IT Outage Scheduled for January 17

Most IT services including many business systems, windows home directories, and collaboration tools will be offline this Friday (1/17) evening for four hours in order to upgrade storage hardware. This outage will also impact IT hosted websites including TABL and News Center as well as sites hosted for scientific divisions.  Since the IT Website and TABL will be offline, visit for information during the outage.

Outage Details:  

Date/Time: January 17, 2013   6:00-10:00

Type: Scheduled

Impacted Services:


  • Commons - including all divisional/group home pages

  • Webspace - Web based file sharing

  • Conferences - Indico conference System

  • LBL Software Download site

  • UCB Library proxy - access to UCB Library resource

  • Windows File Shares and Home Directory Access (G Drive, etc)

  • Windows Printing

  • RMS application

  • Sophos AV service - client systems will get red X because of unable to phone home

  • Alfresco -

  • Websnap/Plesk hosting services including TABL/Newscenter and other sites.

  • VM Hosting Service - Production and dev/test for 60net and 130net (scientific VM net)

 - EETD, CRD, LSD, Eng, HPCS, Foundry, and JGI sites.

  • PeopleSoft 3 Tier Developer App access (including F$M Offshore access).  Applications hosted on Grouper include: nVision, psquery, app designer

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