Network Outages Scheduled for Sat Nov 30

IT has scheduled outages of the wired and wireless networks for Saturday November 30th during the Thanksgiving holiday to accommodate multiple upgrades to the network infrastructure.   Details on both outages can be found below:


Outage Summary Information

Date:  Saturday, November 30, 2013

Outage #1: Multiple Outages to Wired Network at LBL

Time:  8:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Outage #2: Wireless Network Outage

Time:  10:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Outage #1: Wired Network 

Description:  LBLnet is planning a number of network maintenance tasks
during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  This work is scheduled to
include some routing changes to better direct LBLnet traffic over our
new 100 Gbps link to ESnet, replacing power supplies in some network
equipment, updating the operating system on some network devices,
re-routing some fiber optic network connections, re-configuring some
wireless access points, and replacing some end-of-life network devices.

General Impact:  We expect one or more shorter network disruptions for
some or all of LBLnet at various points during this three hour
maintenance window.

Generalized network outages impact both local network users accessing other local network resources as well as internet resources.  In addition, servers on the LBL network may be inaccessible from offsite.   While only relatively short outages are anticipated, these outages will impact access to all systems at the laboratory including business and collaboration systems.  There may be short periods where receiving and sending email is delayed, even though you have access to gmail.  There may also be short periods of time where establishing new sessions to LBL gmail (and other services using LBL identity management/LDAP) is not possible.


Outage #2:  Visitor Wireless Network

Description:  LBLnet is planning to replace the router that provides
network connectivity for the lbnl-visitor and lbnl-visitor-offsite
wireless networks during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

General Impact:  We expect network devices connected to the lbnl-visitor
and lbnl-visitor-offsite wireless networks to experience a network
outage for several hours during this maintenance window.  We do _not_
expect this maintenance to impact the lbnl-employee wireless networks or
any of the normal wired LBLnet networks.

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