Planned Maintenance Outage - Enterprise Directory

We plan to take our enterprise directory service down at 10pm, Saturday March 9 for a 30 minute maintenance period.  This will impact all authentications to lab systems including cloud based services like Google.  For many, this service is commonly known as "LDAP".  It will also impact access to the new One-time-Password (OTP) Service that is being gradually phased in by IT staff.

One of our goals is to re-implement an approach to Password Expiration - Lab employees who have not changed their password within the past several months will be put on a staggered schedule (with appropriate notifications) - during April and May.  Passwords will be set to expire on workdays when the IT Help Desk can assist if needed (Tuesdays through Thursdays) if notifications have not been acted upon.

This will not impact Mobile phone access to Google mail or calendar.