The Scientific Publication Management System - Update

Roughly a year ago, we started a project to find, develop, and implement a replacement for the current reports coordination system.

This was our original pitch:
The core product of Berkeley Lab is scientific publications. Currently, we lack good systems to track, report, and share publications from both user facilities and our own researchers. This leads to poor reporting to DOE and other funders on the impact of their investments, reduced sharing of this information to the public domain, and extensive effort in the divisions to create and maintain many ad-hoc systems for tracking publications. Multiple scientific divisions and facilities have asked IT to come up with an institutional solution to this problem. We believe that a successful implementation will increase the impact of LBL’s publications (awareness to funders, the scientific community, and the public) as well as reduce effort spent on this in the divisions.

Last year, we began working with Discovery Garden, which is the commercial arm of the developers of the open source project Islandora and over the last year, they've been making numerous improvements to the application.

This week, the project manager from Islandora will be onsite to listen to the needs of LBNL staff and answer questions about the project.

Four meetings are available, all will have the same basic content with lots of time for discussion:

Thu 6/28 10-Noon in 50b-2232
Thu 6/28 2-4pm 67-4202
Fri 6/29 10-11:30AM 50b-2232
Fri 6/29 1-2:30 50b-2232