Supercluster downtime scheduled, Mar 6th, Tuesday, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

HPCS team has scheduled a downtime to the Lab supercluster on March 6th, Tuesday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm to peform regular maintenance. Users will not be able to access the login nodes, cluster queues or the data on the cluster filesystems. This is a downtime for all the clusters in the supercluster - Alsacc, Baldur, Cumulus, Esd01, Euclid, Hbar, Mhg, Musigny, Nano, Natgas, Plutonium, Voltaire, Vulcan, Yquem and the Lawrencium cluster (lr1, lr2 & berkelium) including Condo resources (Co2seq, Matgen & Ganita).

Scheduler reservations will be in place such that there are no user jobs running in the queue during this window so far any jobs submittied before March 6th please make sure the requested wallclock time ends before 9.00 am on the 6th or else the jobs will stay blocked in the queue untill after downtime.

After the downtime all the resources will be returned back to production as before. Email us at hpcs AT if you have any questions.