Mailstop Changes in Lab Directory


Direct (self service) update of location, phone, fax, mailstop, and personal web page was implemented last Fall.  At the time, we noted there was some work to be done to re-engineer the process involving mailstops. This work has been completed.

Over the past several weeks, Facilities has worked with IT Business Systems to create an application that is now the authoritative source for mailstops. A web display of these valid mailstops can be found here:

This list (163 entries, as of March 1, 2012) replaces the almost 400 mailstops used in various systems in the past.  As part of the upgrade, each of the older mailstops was mapped to one of the new approved ones - and everyone who had an old one was changed by a program we wrote.  What you see in the "phone book" now represents the results of this effort.  Changes were made at 5:20pm. Thursday, March 1.

This link provides the phone book look-up as well as the link for updates of the information in the directory.

Next Steps

Bill Llewellyn  is the functional owner. He can be reached if there are any questions as to the creation of the valid mailstop list and is the right contact in case mailstops need to be added or changed.   (This may change in the future)

Going forward, individuals who do not have a valid mail stop will be sent an email notifying them. In that way, as things change in the future, we will have a process that detects and notifies within a day.  Our FAQ for Directory Services is here.