Blog from Dec 19, 2011

Strategic Direction (as of December 2011).

At the present time, the IT Division manages three different mail list services: smartlists, majordomo, and sympa (open source mail list software). We are consolidating these three into an updated version of sympa (which was put into production in the fall of 2011). We are retiring majordomo lists and gradually moving ones that need to continue to sympa. At the same time, we are planning to use sympa for dynamic "smart lists" which reflect current information that is reconstructed each day and typically are used for level one lists where membership changes frequently. is the home of our self service Sympa based system. Lists using Sympa can be created by anyone at the lab - but can also be handled by the IT Help Desk. Any mail list created using this service will have the address of "listname"@ If a mail address that conforms with our more traditional "name" is required, ask that an alias to be created by entering a help request at

For more information, check out the mail list FAQ.