Calendar Interoperability with Campus

When LBL moved to Google Calendar as its personal/enterprise calendaring program in 2010, one important loss of functionality was the ability to seamlessly schedule meetings with UCB Faculty and Staff. This functionality was only available when both institutions used Oracle Calendar; however, both institutions were moving to standards based calendaring products (LBL to Google Calendar, UCB in a short time to Bedework) which would make this functionality available again in the future (as soon as UCB completed its migration). We anticipated that this would be complete around now.

Unfortunately, on August 15, 2011, UC Berkeley's IST organization announced that they were ending their project to replace Oracle Calendar with the open source program Bedework. UCB now has an Operational Excellence initiative to address the personal productivity suite, and calendar will be a part of that process.

We anticipate that whenever UCB chooses a new calendaring program, it will support opt-in interoperable scheduling with Google Calendar (via published calendar or published free-busy). We apologize for the delay in restoring this functionality to both communities.