Coming soon - New Self Help Tool for Phone, Location updates

We need some help testing  a new self help tool for updating phone, fax, nickname and location information.  We have a test environment set up that does not impact your real data.   Send  comments back to

Summary of Changes

Right now lab employees who want to change phone, location, fax, nickname info send an email (or fill out a web form which in turn sends email ) to Telephone Services. (

In the future, users will do this themselves, directly to  our directory service "phone book".    We are looking at a go live date of Friday August 26 (switchover the evening before). 

Test Procedure

1.  Go here (select Lawrence Berkeley as the location - an intermediate step that will not be in the final production page).

2.  Change some of the data associated with your employee number (phone/fax/location/nickname info) using this TEST environment and click submit.

3.  Look at this AFTER you have updated your information

A modified version of the directory services lookup page that handles the logic for people who have the new content can be accessed here: (again - this is just TEST data)

For more information, go to the IT FAQ pages at  and look for Directory Services,or click here.