Blog from Jul 15, 2011

Google is introducing a new look to their product line. At this point, Gmail and Calendar have been the first to surface these changes, but others are on the way. 

For example, Gmail has a new theme that can be selected after you click the gear symbol in the upper right corner of the window (a theme that will eventually be the default). 

Once the available themes are visible,  select the dense version - at the bottom of the display.

The type of inbox you use is also selectable in the web interface.

Google provided a nice write-up concerning their plans - you can find it here.

Employees are reminded that the IT Help Desk is obligated to terminate Institutional Computer accounts for staff (or guests) leaving the lab.

According to the RPM, Division Administrators are to "Ensure that all user IDs and passwords used by terminating employees and guests are deactivated or continued through a Laboratory sponsor."

We can only delay the disabling of an account if the supervisor of the terminated employee certifies that a status change is being processed (e.g. guest to career or career to guest).  If so, we will put a hold on the disable until the status change has been completed.  Typically, this should not take longer than a few weeks.

We do offer email forwarding if the lbl email address is being used to communicate on on-going research.  At this point, we can offer this for up to a year.

Our procedures are documented in this FAQ.