Power Shutdown Scheduled for Saturday, June 18

A power shutdown is scheduled for this Saturday, June 18 to enable necessary maintenance on the Lab’s power distribution system. The power shutdown involves several buildings, including the 50 complex, which houses the Lab’s central IT systems.

Most IT systems will be offline from Friday, 6/17 at 6:00pm through midday on Sunday, 6/19. We expect all systems to be available by Sunday night.

We expect the following systems to be AVAILABLE throughout the outage:

  • http://www.lbl.gov  The Laboratory's Main Website
  • Google mail/calendar/docs/sites
  • http://login.lbl.gov (single sign-on gateway to Google mail/calendar/docs/sites)
  • LDAP directory Services and Authentication
  • Laboratory Network Connectivity, Telephony, and Cyber Security (except in areas impacted by the power outage)
  • One Time Password authentication services including the insure.lbl.gov OTP Gateway.

The following systems will be OFFLINE from Friday night until Sunday night:

  • All EH&S applications
  • All Facilities applications including Maximo
  • AMS (Sunflower Asset Management System)
  • BRS/Cognos
  • All centralized Windows file (CIFS)services
  • Commons
  • eBuy
  • ERoom
  • IRIS
  • LETS
  • Maximo
  • News Center
  • Peoplesoft HRIS
  • Peoplesoft FMS
  • Peoplesoft TREX
  • Today At Berkeley Lab
  • Video Glossary
  • Webspace
  • Software Download Site
  • All IT-hosted and/or managed clusters (SCS, Lawrencium, etc)
  • All IT-hosted Oracle databases
  • All customer systems in the 50A-2109 collocation facility