New Training Opportunities

Confused by the Gmail web interface?  Interested in a class that provides insight into what's new in Office 2010?  The IT Summer training program may be what you are looking for.

Courses in Google mail, calendar, docs, and sites, along with two specialty courses (Smartsheet and What's new in Office 2010)  are now available for registration.  We are also exploring the use of Google Sites as a possible alternative for some of our eRoom users - 5 seminar/training sessions are now on the schedule in July to address this specific issue.

Register for classes at the HR Self Service/Training site (under Computer applications).

Class Descriptions (all classes are free)

Intro to Gmail/Gcal (Duration: 3 hours)

- Overview of Gmail user interface 
- Composing new messages 
- Managing conversations 
- Searching your Mail 
- Organizing mail using labels and stars 
- Creating signatures and vacation responders 
- Attaching and opening files 
- Adding and Organizing Contacts 
- Using Google Chat 

- Overview of the Google Calendar 
- Changing the Calendar Views 
- Scheduling Calendar events 
- Updating and changing events 
- Searching your Calendar 
- Using multiple calendars 
- Setting up notifications 
- Sharing your Calendar with other Google Apps users 
- Working with invitations 
- Scheduling resources

Intro to Google Docs (Duration: 3 hours)

- Using Google Docs 
- Overview of Google Docs and related tools 
- Creating folders and uploading files to Docs 
- Create and editing new documents in Google Docs 
- Creating and Formulating spreadsheets in Google Docs 
- Creating presentations in Google Docs 
- Previewing and printing your work 
- Organizing your Docs and Sharing Docs 
- Collaborating on documents 
- Conducting online presentations

Intro to Google Sites (Duration: 2 hours)

Google Sites is the easiest way to make information accessible to people who need quick, up-to-date access. People can work together on a Site to add file attachments, information from other Google applications (i.e., Google Docs. Google Calendar, YouTube and Picasa), and free-form content. The course will cover the basic information for creating and managing a Site, including the use of page templates, site templates, and assigning access rights.

Intro to Smartsheet (Duration: 2 hours)

Smartsheet is a web based task and project management tool that adds to our collaboration portfolio. Using a spreadsheet as the underlying tool, you can create a list of tasks and then associate attachments, discussions and links with any entry. Tasks can be displayed in list, calendar or gantt chart views. You can share your "sheet" with anyone in the world (edit or view rights), receive change notifications , and create custom reports. Templates are provided as good starting points for common jobs. Data can be collected using Smartforms (similar in concept to the forms that can be created in Google Docs). Click here for more info. 

New in Office 2010 (Duration: 3.5 hours)

This course covers those features of Office 2010 that are new to the Office system, with dedicated units for the new features of each application (i.e., Word, Excel, PPT).

eRoom to Gsites Transition (Duration: 2 hours)

This class is targeted to eRoom users who are interested in transitioning to Google Sites. 

The course will include: 

- A brief review of eRoom capabilities 
- An introduction to Google Site capabilities and functional comparison to eRoom 
- Building a Google site from scratch 
- Review and utilization of a potential Google site template for eRoom users 
- Google Site settings and appearance 
- Managing a Google Site 
- New capabilities in Gsites not available in eRoom 
- A review of the eRoom Transition Help Site