GMail-Gcal Class scheduled for Tuesday March 22

If you are confused by the Web version of Gmail or just need more information on the functionality of Google mail and calendar, consider registering for a hands on Class Tuesday morning, March 22. Register for ITD0200 here.

Class Content

Using Google Mail, Google Calendar & Organizing Contacts

  • Overview of Gmail user interface
  • Composing new messages
  • Managing conversations
  • Searching your Mail
  • Organizing mail using labels and stars
  • Creating signatures and vacation responders
  • Attaching and opening files
  • Adding and Organizing Contacts
  • Using Google Chat
  • Overview of the Google Calendar
  • Changing the Calendar Views
  • Scheduling Calendar events
  • Updating and changing events
  • Searching your Calendar
  • Using multiple calendars
  • Setting up notifications
  • Sharing your Calendar with other Google Apps users
  • Working with invitations
  • Scheduling resources