Google Use Increases Dramatically

The Lab community is expanding it's use of Google products in many areas.  For a quick look at some metrics, we are providing some screen shots of some of the more interesting trends. 

In the graph below, it is evident that many more people at the lab are using Google Calendar than was the case with Oracle Calendar. Our Fall survey of the lab concerning Google adoption indicated this was going to be the case.  Google docs is also a popular addition to our portfolio of collaboration tools.

The next Graph indicates an increased use of Google docs for sharing - the number of users who are collaborators on someone else's document is growing. Some of these are external to the lab - evidence that Google is providing a great tool for many lab employees

We were surprised by the number of Google Documents that have been created.  Uploaded files remains small (these represent content that is not converted to a Google doc - MS Office and PDFs primarily). We think use of the internal Google document which allows simultaneous editing by anyone who has rights to do so is a major step forward in real time collaboration.

Finally, it is interesting to observe how much activity there is in any given day.