Blog from Jan 28, 2011

Wolfram will be on-site for a two-hr. training on Tuesday, Feb. 8,
2011 from 1:00-3:00; Bldg 2-100. Doug McClinitic from Wolfram will
provide an overview on the newest Mathematica features.

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Brief Overview of Mathematica

A brief introduction to Mathematica for those unfamiliar with the current version:  Mathematica 8.0

Woven throughout this talk we will highlight new capabilities in Mathematica 8.0 which include:

  • Free form linguistic input and integration with Wolfram Alpha
  • Nearly 100 new statistical distributions and new statistical visualizations
  • CUDA and OpenCL support for GPU computing
  • Automatic C code generation and linking
  • New image processing functions
  • New import and export formats
  • Integrated control systems
  • Wavelets analysis
  • Computation & Visualization

In addition, the talk will cover:

  • Example-driven view of key computational features: symbolic
    processing, solving, import/export, analysis, filtering and plotting
    data, modeling, simulation, dynamic computations; applied examples
    chosen from image processing, bio-informatics, particle physics,
    geodesy, astronomical science, and more.
  • Programming
    Mathematica as a development environment; programming paradigms (example-driven), parallel computation; development tools.
  • Connection Technologies
    Brief overview of connecting to databases, Java, .Net, legacy C/Fortran, etc.
  • Deployment
    Mathematica as a technical document environment; slideshows, saving to TeX/PDF/HTML etc.