MPSG Internship Program - Roles and Expectations

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• Come to work on time, dressed appropriately; notify mentor of lateness or absence
• Follow the Lab’s safety rules and procedures

On the Job

• Help the mentor in performing day to day tasks
• Become comfortable with Macintoshes, Windows computers, and mobile devices
• Document gains in learning both hard and soft skills, and review list with mentor weekly
• Complete a project either on his own or as part of a larger project of the mentor
• Present the project on Commons website in a short form like a scientist’s poster, and also at a MPSG team meeting
• Job shadow a variety of IT work

Progress Reviews

• Review progress with mentor coordinator every 3 weeks

Additional Experience

• Attend a scientists’ poster session if available, to see presentation techniques, the work of the Lab

Mentor Coordinator

• Interview intern candidates
• Lead orientation for mentors – what is expected
• Assign interns to mentors
• Develop list of technical tasks, such as ghosting and imaging
• Develop list/examples of possible projects
• Provide equipment and space, perhaps less so if intern in not on Operations side

Progress Reviews

• Meet every 3 weeks during 12 week period with mentors to assess progress
• Meet every 2 weeks with interns to assess progress
• Review job shadowing and the student"what I’ve learned list"
• Keep manager abreast of status of mentors and interns


• Update Intern program wiki
• Set up common GDocs area for What I have Learned list and for project list
• Report accomplishment on mentor’s performance review
• Organize presentation of projects at MPSG team meeting
• Consult on web page for project presentation


• Interview intern candidates
• Assess the skillset of the intern,  in early interview to decide on candidates,  during program, to help the intern improve,  at the end of the program, for possible recruitment

On the Job

• Model patience, good communication skills
• Get help with routine tasks from intern
• Provide opportunities for learning technical tasks such as ghosting and imaging
• Teach anything mentor is especially good at. Teach what he knows, what he wishes someone had told him.
• Help with the selection of a project, and aid in its development
• Provide the intern (by program’s end) with taking at least one help desk ticket from initial customer contact through actual work to incident resolution
• Review intern’s progress with weekly “What I’ve Learned” list

Personal Development

• Gain experience of managing one person for a short period of time
• Develop skill in reporting on intern to lead mentor
• Report accomplishment on mentor’s own performance review


• Recruit interns
• Consult with mentor coordinator on progress of program
• Check on interns progress, reassign the intern if necessary 
• Attend kickoff, 3 month and 6 month meetings
• Suggest projects for interns and monitor project results

Job Shadowing Mentor

Proposed areas for job shadowing are networking, help desk, security, server operations, programming, or ALS or other matrixed organizations. We are after literal shadowing here. We do not expect job shadow partners to expressly teach the intern anything, beyond answering questions, nor do we expect anyone to rearrange their schedule for this.

• Expose intern to his routine day to day work – nothing fancy
• Let intern listen in, see screens, attend meetings, meet customer.
• Mentor for only a few hours – a morning or afternoon is enough

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