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As of January, 2015

Workstation Support

  • Jeremy Ward -  Contra Costa CC
  • Kuldeep Chowla  - Las Positas Community college
  • Ted Wakamiya  -  Las Positas
  • Matt Smith - Las Positas  - hired by another company in July
  • Jimmy Mai - CIty College of San Francisco
  • Neil Johnson - DVC   hired by Help Desk in July
  • Andre Ballard - City College of San Francisco

Collaboration Services

  • Karlina Beringer - Las Positas CC, UC East Bay
  • Felicia Hsieh  - Las Positas CC


Data Center Support

  • Jackson Wise - Los Medanas

Cyber Security

  • Miquel Salaza - Ohlone Community College  hired by Cyber Security 


Christian Hernandez  - Ohlone Community College



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