Community College Internship Programs in IT

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“One must learn by doing the thing: for though you think you know it,  you have no certainty, until you try” - Sophocles


School to Career
Occupational Work Experience

Since late 1998, the IT Division has worked with local community colleges to employ interns.  The School to Career program was developed by the Berkeley Lab's Diversity Office (Harry Reed), Charlie Verboom and the ITSD Division in late 1998, and Dr. Bidleman, an instructor with the Peralta District, as our educational partner.

The program offers occupational work experience scaled to the requirements of the colleges. Participants must be considered full time students taking 9 credits or more.  Interns work on a part-time basis, up to 20 hours per week while in school, with a mentor in the IT Division.  The internship may be as short as three months, but it more typically lasts for six months or even longer.  Interns have benefited. Some hold jobs at the Lab  today, and many others have found employment at other companies due to their experience with Berkeley Lab.

Outreach to the Community

The internship program extends LBNL’s community outreach effort to community colleges in the San Francisco bay region. The program

• Supports the Lab’s diversity program goals by making contact with a diverse group of faculty and students
• Provides community college faculty feedback on technical positions in industry
• Provides interns with a wide exposure to real-world IT
• Develops job-eligible technical skills:  Mac OS/Windows; desktop/laptop/tablet/mobile support;networking; programming
• Develops job-eligible soft skills: clear communication, tact and clarity in dealing with customers, reliable and prompt response

Benefits within the Lab

The internship program has aided the Lab internally as well. It

• Recruits excellent candidates. As July 17, 2014, of the 81 community college students who have interned,  32 were hired. 27 current lab employees came to the LBL as interns. See  IT staff who started as interns.
• Provides IT professionals with valuable help for routine tasks
• Furthers the careers of Workstation Support engineers and other mentors by providing management and mentoring experience

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