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Information Technology Division

Guiding Principle - the Lab's policy on Diversity

"Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is principally an institution of scientific research, committed to addressing the needs of society. A diverse workforce is an invaluable asset to innovation and research excellence."

The lab's Workforce Diversity website and guiding principles are here.

IT Division Activities 

Since 1998, the IT Division has sponsored a "School to Career" program with Bay Area community colleges.  By identifying interested faculty contacts and working with them to recommend motivated students, we have been able to provide work experience that allows students to earn college credits while working in their profession.

For the past several years, we have also sponsored an outreach effort to a local elementary school. Students come to the lab and learn some of the basics about computers and how they work.

Staff members have also participated in Industry Advisory Boards, worked with students who come to the lab through LBL's Workforce Development and Education sponsored programs, and assisted as volunteers for other lab wide efforts.


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