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The Berkeley Lab Tuition Assistance Program

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The Berkeley Lab Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)


Berkeley Lab is committed to developing employees to their fullest potential. That commitment includes supporting you to secure a college or university education.  Through the Tuition Assistance Program, if you are a career employee, you can receive tuition reimbursement (or advancement) for courses at an accredited college or university that will help increase effectiveness in your current position and for career development.  You can leverage this program to secure a bachelors, masters, or doctorate degree, or an equivalent level certificate.  Below is more information on the program and the required forms.

Contact the Tuition Assistance Program Coordinator at

Enrolling in Courses

 To apply for approval for your courses, you must complete the following online form before you start your term.

*Please keep in mind that the Lab does not pay for fees such as student fees, medical fees, application/registration fees, late fees, technology fees, books, student id, parking fees, etc. The Lab will only reimburse for tuition and lab fees.

Processing Reimbursement and/or Clearing Your Advance

Once you complete your course(s)

This needs to be done after every semester or class has been completed.

For a quick reminder of the process and additional details about actions you may need to take

Visit the Tuition Assistance Program Complete Instructions

About TAP

Below are the policy and procedure requirements of the program. You must read them before applying to the TAP

Applying to TAP and Enrolling in Your First Courses

If this is your first time in the program, you must complete and submit the following forms before starting your educational program (whether you need an advance or reimbursement).

Once you've completed the plan and obtained the required signatures

  • Scan the EDP and required documents (degree requirements—i.e. required courses, position description)
  • Fill out the Tuition Assistance Request Form - Part I: Enrolling in Courses and attach the EDP at the end of the form before clicking "submit"
  • NOTE: Please submit tuition assistance request online form before you start your term. Be sure to attach the approved EDP, program curriculum and your current position description. If an advance is needed then be sure to also attach proof of cost for your classes.


As a career employee, you can take college and university courses, not leading to a degree or certificate. These courses should be job related, but not required for your position, through the Tuition Assistance Program under Tier 2 classification.

Tuition for Tier 2 is reimbursed at 2/3 of the total cost
Download the Tier 2 Approval Form

For complete instructions for the TAP procedures, click here:

Processing Reimbursement and/or Clearing Your Advance

Once you complete your course(s)

UC Berkeley Fee Reduction

Career employees working 50% time or more may take courses at UC Berkeley with a 2/3 discount on tuition. This can be combined with the Laboratory's Tuition Assistance Program to offer complete tuition coverage and a cost savings for the Laboratory.