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Test date - Period of Initial Eligibility Calculator

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Benefit Enrollment Period Calculator 

A PIE (Period of Initial Eligibility) is a time during which you may enroll yourself and/or your eligible family members in UC-sponsored health and welfare plans. A PIE generally starts on the first day of eligibility or life qualifying event and It ends 31 days later—Examples of life qualifying events:

  • the day you are hired into a position that makes you eligible for benefits.
  • the date that a newly eligible family member is acquired through marriage, birth, adoption, etc.
  • If you decline UC-sponsored coverage because you and/or your family members are covered elsewhere, and you later lose the other coverage. The date you lost your coverage is the first day of your PIE.

This date will also become the effective date of coverage for health and welfare plans provided that the enrollment is submitted and received during the PIE and is in compliance with the Eligibility Requirements as stated in the UC Group Insurance Regulations.   

Please click on the date of your life qualifying event on the calendar below. 

The next page will let you know your last day to make benefits changes.