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Telecommuting Resources

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Berkeley Lab supports and encourages telecommuting as a flexible work option because it provides a range of benefits to employees, such as a competitive recruitment advantage, work flexibility, parking congestion relief, and enhanced business continuity preparedness.

The resources linked below aid in effective management of the telecommuting option. Recognizing that telecommuting does not work equally well for all employees, jobs, or work units, approval remains at sole discretion of managers on a case-by-case basis.

For telecommuting to be successful, it must be well managed.  To support successful telecommuting arrangements, Berkeley Lab has revised its Flexible Work Options policy and created a Telecommuting Guidelines for Supervisors and Employees which offers a variety of best practices and resources for employees and supervisors.  Additionally, a centralized, automated process for approving telecommuting agreements through the askUS system has been completed.

Contact your Senior HR Division Partner for advice and guidance on the effective implementation of the updated Flexible Work Options policy and telecommuting arrangements.