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ERIP Plan Provisions


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Employee Referral Incentive Program (ERIP) Plan Provisions

Effective February 1, 2001
(Updated September 14, 2010)

ERIP Participation
All current Laboratory employees are eligible to participate in the ERIP, except as follows:

  • Members of the Senior Management Group (SMG) and employees whose primary job duties include recruiting for the Laboratory are not eligible.
  • Managers/supervisors are not eligible to receive awards for referrals within their own reporting structure.
  • HR Center employees are not eligible to receive awards for referrals to positions within their center’s assigned customer base.
  • Employees who represent the Laboratory at job fairs and/or college recruitment events are not eligible for referrals that result from attendance at these functions.
  • Managers/supervisors or group members who are part of the interview/hiring committee.
  • Rehired Retirees are not eligible to participate.

Referring employees must be employed or on authorized leave in order to receive an award.

Non-employees (e.g., contract workers, guests, consultants) are not eligible to participate in the ERIP.

Referrals need to be made to a specific open position. No blanket referrals are allowed.

If two employees refer the same person, the employee making the earlier referral will be awarded the ERIP Award if the person is hired. (It is recommended that referring employees keep a copy of the ERIP referral form.)

Eligible Positions
An ERIP Award may be paid only for career, term, and postdoctoral fellow positions. 

Non -Eligible Positions
An ERIP Award will not be paid for student assistant, GSRA, trainee, intern, temporary, and limited positions.

Non-Eligible Referrals
Employees are encouraged to refer people to the Laboratory, but the referring employee will not be eligible for an ERIP Award if the referral is one of the following:

  • Applicants with resumes for specific positions already on file in the Laboratory's resume tracking database are not eligible for referral.
  • Former employees eligible for recall or preferential rehire rights.
  • Applicants who are already under active consideration or who have been hired.
  • Applicants who have previously been referred by an employment agency or search firm.
  • Applicants who were previous employees, guests, contract workers, consultants or persons providing services through personal service agreements

How to Make a Referral

Please see the detailed instructions on the referral form.

Resumes submitted directly to the hiring manager and not submitted according to the instructions on the referral form will not be accepted as an employee referral. Employees may submit resumes directly to the hiring manager, but instructions on the referral form must also be followed.

The referral is active until the position is filled or cancelled. 

ERIP Awards

$500   Regular to fill

  • All non-exempt positions EXCEPT the following:
    • Skilled Crafts Job Family
    • Radiation Safety Tech
  • And all Postdoctoral Fellow positions

$1,000 Moderately hard to fill

  • All exempt positions EXCEPT the following:
    • CFO                                         197.x & 198.x
    • CHRO                                       197.x & 198.x
    • Deputy Lab Director                    197.x & 198.x
    • Distinguished Scientist/Engineer    Sxx.7
    • Division Director                          197.x & 198.x
    • Divisional Fellow                          S.xx5
    • Faculty Senior Scientist/Engineer   S.xx8 & 9
    • Health Physicist                          H10.x
    • Lab Director                               198.5
    • Research Scientist                       S.xx1 & 2
    • Senior Management                      199.x
    • Senior Scientist/Engineer               S.xx6
    • Staff Scientist/Engineer                 S.xx3 & 4
  • And the following non-exempt positions:
    • Skilled Crafts Job Family
    • Radiation Safety Tech

$2,000 Difficult to fill

  • CFO                                           197.x & 198.x
  • CHRO                                         197.x & 198.x
  • Deputy Lab Director                      197.x & 198.x
  • Distinguished Scientist/Engineer      Sxx.7
  • Division Director                            197.x & 198.x
  • Divisional Fellow                            S.xx5
  • Faculty Senior Scientist/Engineer      S.xx8 & 9
  • Health Physicist                             H10.x
  • Research Scientist                         S.xx1 & 2
  • Senior Management                        199.x
  • Senior Scientist/Engineer                 S.xx6
  • Staff Scientist/Engineer                   S.xx3 & 4

Award payments will be made, in full, within one month from the date the successful referral reports to work. 

Awards will be grossed up for income tax purposes and will appear on the employee's W2 statement as income earned. 

Because referral awards do not increase an employee's base pay rate, the amount of the award will not be included in the calculation of benefits provided for retirement or for AD&D, life, and disability insurance or for overtime payment for non-exempt positions. 

There are no charges to Divisions or Departments for the cost of referral awards. 

Plan Administration
Human Resources is responsible for interpretation and administration of the program. The Employee Referral Incentive Program may be changed or withdrawn at any time and without notice as the needs of the Laboratory dictate.

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