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Welcome to the Affiliate Processing Website

Affiliates (formerly known as “guests” ) are non-Laboratory employees engaged in on-site Laboratory activities. Affiliates are subject to training in safety and other subjects. They are also issued an LBNL Identification badge and they may receive systems accounts, access to facilities, and a per diem allowance for housing and living expenses (click here for the policy). Examples of affiliates include facility users, scientific collaborators, students, subcontractors and independent consultants, etc. 

“Participating guests” are now called “affiliates” under the new process. The new process has now been rolled out to the entire Laboratory with the exception of the Advanced Light Source user facility.

Short term visitors do not need to be processed as affiliates. Visitors (e.g. a person who does not need a badge, an interviewee, a conference or an event attendee, a site visit participant, etc. who are typically here for one week or less and are not engaged in Laboratory work) please click on the following link to submit a Visitor Pass Request.

Affiliate Process Instructions:

Affiliate appointments can be initiated by a host or a designee (if delegated the authority to provide information on the host’s behalf). Please refer to your Division’s established pre-approval protocols.  When the affiliate appointment has been approved, simply click the Affiliate Initiation Web Form button in the Quick Links (upper right) and log in using your LDAP user name and password

For assistance, feedback or questions on the new process send emails to or call the HR Service Center at 510-486-4772. Your input on the process will be valuable to ensure that it meets host and affiliate needs.

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