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Ethical Training for Animal Use Researchers at LBNL

All LBNL researchers who use laboratory animals and are listed on animal use protocols must  take an ethical use of laboratory animals course.

We currently use course in the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) Learning Library: "Working with the IACUC." It will take the average researcher 40-60 minutes to work their way through these modules and take the exam at the end. Note that this site does not issue a certificate at the end, so those having completed the course will need to copy and save the final screen with it's "Congratulations - You Passed" to a .pdf, then upload it to their HARP researcher profile, or send it to HARC staff to do that.

Instructions for accessing the AALAS course are:

  • Go to AALAS Learning Library website
  • Register and create a password
  • Choose the "Libraries" selection on the left
  • Select "Animal Care and Use Courses."
  • Select "Compliance and IACUC Training"
  • Select "Working with the IACUC"

Proof that you've taken the AALAS course: Unfortunately the AALAS site does not issue a certificate. They indicate they will but, all you get is a final screen saying you've passed (providing that you have, indeed, passed). Thus once you've got that final screen telling you that you've passed the exam, either print it out or save it as a .pdf file (depending on what your browser allows). If you print it, you can scan it into a .pdf file. Then email that .pdf file to, so that we can upload it into your HARP research profile.

As LBNL is a DOE site, we also have access to the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) ethical training courses for both human subject and laboratory animal use. The LBNL animal use protection program does not require this training, but you may take it if you like.

If you are interested in taking one of the CITI course on the use of mice or rats in research, or some other CITI course, you can access the  CITI training website registration page and under organizations, look for "other DOE." Then proceed to the login page and log in.

As you complete each module of the course you will be asked to take a short quiz. Please do so. Note that in scrolling down the screen during the quizzes, you must use the "mouse" attached to your computer. Using the down arrow key on your keyboard will result in chosen answers moving around. Please do not print out a competion report for each module.

If you would like to have a record of you completion of one of the CITI courses put into your HARP profile, after you have completed the whole of the  course, please send a .pdf file of your completion report to

If you have any further questions, please contact Gaby Fuentes,, for more information.