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To use Teamwork you must submit a ticket at to request a new Project account in Teamwork (be prepared to identify who should be the Project Manager for your new Project).

Getting Started

Getting Started

 Heirarchy & Naming within Teamwork

Teamwork is designed on the hierarchy as follows:

Berkeley Lab (our Teamwork Site account)



Task List


Sub Tasks

We recommend a three-alphanumeric prefix to describe your Company. For example, if within Lawrence Berkeley Lab, Your company should be prefixed with “LBL -”

The Company will be created by the LBL Admin who will also create the first person of the company (yours or an affiliated outside company).  The first person of the company will be given Project Admin permissions to create Projects within the company.  This Project Admin will be able to assign existing and add new people to the company and projects within the company.

Normal User FAQs

Normal User FAQs

 How does Company, Project & Category work together?
  • PROJECTS and CATEGORIES  are used for grouping similar Projects within a “Project Category.”  Think of a Category to be a way of grouping your assigned Projects all together for viewing ease.
  • Projects are tied with a single Company.

  • People and Companies can be cross-assigned to a Project:

    The Company is assigned to the Project during creation of the Project, however the Project Manager can re-assign the Project to another Company if desired.

 What are File Categories?

Think of “File Categories” as folders and subfolders.

These are not the same as Project Categories.

Project Manager FAQs

Project Manager FAQs

 How are Roles used?

Roles are like a “group” and do not give special permissions but are used to assign multiple people to a task.

You can create a role and assign 3 people to that role as below (after selecting a project).   Then when creating a Task later,  you can assign the role Testing Role to that task:

To add a role to a task select "Assign roles to people" on the left hand side when a project is selected, then click "Add role" in the top right corner:

 How do I add a new Project Category and assign Projects to them?

Project Categories are a way to combine our assigned Projects for ease of access and viewing.

  1. Select Projects, then highlight over Categories and select Manage.
  2. Add a new Category by selecting the "Add Category" link:
  3. You can now add a new Category by adding a Category title and deciding on a Category level if desired:
  4. Assign a Project to the new Category, by selecting the Project tab then selecting a Project, click “Options” then “Project settings”:
  5. You will be able to assign your Project to the new Category via "Category" under "General Settings":
  6. Assign the Project to the desired Category and hit Save:
 How can I add a new Company?

Companies are a way to divide up access as individual departments within or outside of our lab.

  1. Go to People tab, select Companies tab and select “Add company”.
  2. Enter a unique new Company name.  After adding the new Company, you will see the Company displayed with the others.  At this time you can select the edit pencil icon right-most of company name, and fill in the details.
 How do I merge my Teamwork Calendar with my work calendar?

Teamwork Calendar offers the iCal data exchange so you may integrate with your calendar.

Teamwork states that the refresh to iCal link is approximately every 3 hours but please allow for 24 hours.

  1. Select the Calendar option followed by Options drop-down menu, then select iCal Feeds:
  2. A new tab in your browser will appear with the iCal URL, copy this link.
  3. With the copied URL, go into your gCal and select "Other calendar" using the drop-down select "Add by URL"
  4. Paste the copied URL and finally select "Add calendar"
  5. You may now rename the new calendar as desired.



 Assigning a Project Administrator to a Project

The Project Administrator permission type allows you to give an ordinary user Administrator privileges on a certain project only.

Project Specific Administrators can:

  • Grant permissions to users on a project

  • Delete or Edit messages created by other project members

  • Delete or Edit time logs created by other project members

  • Delete or Edit tasks created or assigned to other project members

  • Change project settings such as:

    • Active / Archived status

    • Project Announcement

    • Project Description

    • Project Logo

    • Project Start Tab

  • Add Users to the project

    • If they are in the Owner company - they will be able to add users from all companies

    • If they are in a Client company - they will only be able to add users from companies that are already assigned to the project

  • Add new Users to the account

  1. First select the Project then go the the People tab in the relevant project, followed by clicking on the cog icon to the far right of the User's profile:
  2. Select the Project Administrator check-box followed by selecting the “Finish” button. Do not be concerned with the additional selections as they will no longer be available:

Note to Super Admin when establishing new accounts:

As Admin, you just need to ensure that option "Can this user add projects" is set to "Yes" and "No" for everything else.  
If we were to offer "Can this user manage People and Companies" to a user, they would see "People" option in their main menu,  could view other People and "Add new Companies"

  • Any new projects added by Super Admin user will reside only in the assigned Company, the Super Admin will automatically be the Project Admin for the Project.
  • The Super Admin can then go into the Project and add users to the Project.  They can select existing users from other companies or create brand-new users.
  • The Super Admin can also create a Category to put the Project in or use an already existing Category name (but will only see their projects in whatever Category they use).

 Assigning the Site Owner
  • The Site owner will have the ability to set "Integration" (use Google Drive, Dropbox, etc for additional File repositories).
  • Only one Site owner is allowed for our Berkeley Lab Teamwork account.
  • The new Site owner must be a member of the Berkeley Lab (Default company).
  1. Select People menu item, select People tab and then select the "People" icon for that person to be the new Site owner:
  2. Select Edit for that person:
  3. Select Make Site Owner as shown below. If you are not the current Site owner, then you will receive "access denied" message: