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Teamwork is a Project Management App purchased for the Lab in August 2015. To request an account simply go to and submit a ticket to request a new Project account in Teamwork (be prepared to identify who should be the Project Manager for your new Project).

Teamwork is based on Companies and Projects.

When a new person from the lab request access to Teamwork (who is representing their own department for the first time) - we will most likely create a new "Company" in Teamwork to describe the lab department and to house other people (stake holders) for the Project. Also the new Project will be assign a Project Manager; That is, one person who will be responsible for assigning other people to this Project and responsible for overall management of their Project.


Our Subscription: as of September 2015, we subscribed to the yearly "Business Plan" with 400 GB file storage space.


Below are FAQ's for different types of access:

Getting Started


Project Manager FAQs

Normal User FAQs