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What is Smartsheet?

Smartsheet is a web-based task and project management tool that adds to our collaboration portfolio. Using a spreadsheet as the underlying tool, you can create a list of tasks and then associate attachments, discussions, and links with any entry. Tasks can be displayed in list, calendar, or Gantt chart views. You can share your "sheet" with anyone in the world (edit or view rights), receive change alerts, set reminders, and create custom reports. Smartsheets provides an array of templates. Data can be collected using their Web Forms (similar to Google Forms). And, Smartsheet integrates with Google Apps, including Google Drive. Read more.

Consider looking at Smartsheet's tools for project management (easy methods to establish and visualize task dependencies, for example). For a quick look at some of the new capabilities check out this video.

We think this may be the answer to a simple, online project management tool that can give us an alternative to more complex tools like Oracle Primavera and Microsoft Project. It is the tool we used to manage the activities associated with our conversion of Oracle Calendar to Google Calendar. Read our LBL users' reviews on Smartsheets here.

Smartsheet integrates with other Google applications. For example, the calendar view can be exported to Google Calendar and appear as a secondary calendar. We have also been using Google docs to create test plans and record results. These docs can be linked to a Smartsheet entry to complete the picture for a manager who wants to focus in on one place to see the big picture but also occasionally access some of the supporting material.

For more information on Smartsheet, go here. Smartsheet provides On-Demand Training, Live Online Training, and Smartsheet Academy classes here.

How can I access it?

You can log in to Gmail, GDocs, GSites, or GCal and locate the App Launcher  icon (the 3x3 dot pattern) that appears at the top of any Google App browser window. You may have to scroll down the App Launcher menu to see the  icon.


Alternatively, you can login from using your Smartsheet login or LBL/Google credentials.




In a browser at, click the "Log In" button.



2Enter your email address in the sign in page and click the "Continue" button. You should use your Smartsheet password (not necessarily your LBL password) to log in successfully here.
3Alternatively, you may log in by clicking on the Google icon. You will be redirected to the LBL/Google Login page, where you should enter your full login name, "". Click "Next".

Then, you will redirected to the LBL enterprise directory page,

where you can enter your LBL credentials to access Smartsheets successfully.


What access levels are there?

Free, Non-Licensed Collaborator:

  • Access an unlimited number of sheets as a collaborator
  • Access shared sheets as Viewers (read-only), Editors (edit cell data), or Admins (manage the sheet)
  • Re-share sheets depending on sharing permissions
  • (You will not be able to create or delete new Smartsheet sheets, reports, or web forms)


  • Refresh and run the report to update its content
  • View all report data in all columns, including discussions (if they're also shared to the underlying source sheets)
  • Export the report
  • Download attachments
  • Send the report via email to themselves or others
  • No editing or sharing power


  • All functions available to Viewers
  • Edit unlocked rows and columns (if they also have permission to the sheets)
  • Add new attachments and discussions
  • Freeze columns
  • Enable/disable Highlight Changes
  • Share with others if allowed


  • All functions available to Editors

  • Insert, rename & delete columns, change column properties (licensed admins only)

  • Move columns within the sheet (licensed Admins only)

  • Hide/unhide columns (licensed Admins only)

  • Create & manage we forms (licensed Admins only)

  • Lock/unlock columns & rows

  • Edit cells in locked columns/rows

  • Set notifications and reminders for others

  • Edit conditional formatting rules

  • Enable dependencies on a project sheet:

    • If all required columns (start, end, duration, predecessors) already exist in the sheet, both licensed and non-licensed Admins can enable dependencies.

    • If the sheet doesn't contain a required column, only a licensed Admin is able to enable dependencies as doing so will require Smartsheet to insert new columns.

  • Edit dependency settings

  • Publish the sheet

Report Owner:

  • All functions available to Editors
  • Edit unlocked rows and columns
  • Modify the Report Builder criteria
  • Sort the report
  • Add, re-arrange, and remove columns from the report
  • Re-name the report
  • Delete the report

*Licensed User:

  • Create and own sheets and templates

  • Create and own reports

  • Insert and delete columns (with Sharing permissions)

  • Change column properties (with Sharing permissions)

  • Hide/unhide columns (with set Sharing permissions)

  • Create and modify web forms (with set Sharing permissions)

  • Request backups of sheets

*For active users who create new sheets. To conserve Smartsheet licenses, the IT department will evaluate periodically if an account becomes dormant or inactive. Smartsheet licenses may be reclaimed but users will continue to have the ability to View and Edit sheets but will not be able to create or delete sheets, reports, nor web forms. If you need a Smartsheet license, please contact the Help Desk at x4357.

What does it cost?

This product is sponsored by the IT Division, and there is no cost to a lab user. 

How much storage can I use?

Per our contract, the total attachment (enterprise-wide) storage limit is 800GB with a max size per file of 250MB per attachment. This is for LBL in total. There are no user space quotas as such.

What are the security implications?

Smartsheet's security statement is here.

Where can I get help?

  • Smartsheet Help Center includes videos and examples of how to use the product. After logging in, click the Help link in the upper left part of the window.

How can I share my sheet to another person?

Sharing of sheet information is here.

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