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This page contains the steps needed to schedule group meetings.  The basic requirements are:

Create a new event (meeting)

You can create a new meeting using whatever method you prefer.  For this example, we'll use the drop-down menu for the calendar name that you want to schedule on.  For information on additional methods, please see this Google Calendar Help page.

Click on the drop-down arrow next to the calendar name and choose "Create event on this calendar."  Using the drop-down menu tells Google which calendar you want to create your meeting on, so it sets the "Calendar" field of the event for you.

Add people

Fill in the meeting information, then click in the "Enter email addresses" box.  As you type here, Google will give you a list of possibilities, based on what you have typed so far.  These will include email addresses from your contacts list, email addresses from the LBL directory, groups that you have created in your contacts, and list-serve lists from LBL.


Choose the contact group that you want to add; Google will add the email addresses included in that group to your guest list.  You can then remove any that you want to exclude from this particular event.
(1) If you click the "Make some attendees optional" link,

(2) you will have the opportunity to exclude some guests from consideration when you are choosing a time.

(3) In our example below, mstone5 and mstone6 have been marked optional.


Add a room

You can add a room by clicking on the "Rooms, etc." link.

(1) To help you find a particular room, type into the "Filter room" field.

(2) In our example, we typed "50," so the list of resources became limited to those that contain "50" in their names.  Note the green square to the left of each resource - that means that it is available at the time you have chosen for your event and that you have the right to schedule it.

(3) Find the one that you want and click the Add by that particular room.

(4) If you remove the check mark from the box by "Show only available," the list will be augmented by resources that are not available at the time you have chosen for your event.  You can tell which these are by the red box containing an x to the left of the name.  Be aware that Google will let you schedule an event in such a room, and it won't be until after you save the event that Google will let you know (through an email) that the room you chose is not available.


Find an available time

Click the "Find a time" tab. This will display for you a page that shows a calendar for each of the guests and resources you have chosen to invite to your event. Note, at the top, the links allowing you to choose which set of guests to show in the calendar (all - required - none).  If you click the "required" link, only the calendars of those guests that are required for the meeting will be displayed; optional guests will be omitted.  You might notice, though, that the calendar for some guests are not shown in either view.  In the image below, this is mstone6. Note that his name is on a white (not colored) background.  This is because his calendar is not available for display: either he doesn't have a Google calendar (but we know this isn't true, because he has an "" email address) or the event organizer doesn't have permission to view his calendar.

The light blue box that spans all the columns indicates the time you have chosen for your event.  You can move it by clicking and dragging it to a different time or by simply clicking on a different time.  You can view the calendars by day or by week (see the buttons in the upper right).

You might remember a "Find next available time" feature – Google has taken that away and there is no guarantee that they will put it back. The closest we have to that now is a lab called Smart Rescheduler, but it doesn't help you till after you've already scheduled the event; then it will help you RE-schedule it.

IT Division Help Desk: (510) 486-4357,