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What's Happening?

The Laboratory is transitioning to the new Google Apps Identity Infrastructure (sometimes called GA+).For most of the Lab, this transition has been completed and you can now access more Google services with your LBL Google Account.

As part of the transition, lab employees are no longer be able to a lab email address for your private consumer account (very few people ever did this - for more information see below).

This change was being made so that Google Apps accounts can start accessing dozens of Google services beyond the core suite of messaging and collaboration apps. This change allowed users access to many new services such as Blogger, Reader, Google Voice and calling-in-Gmail (US only), and iGoogle from their Google Apps accounts. Previously, these Google products were available only in personal Google Accounts.

Our schedule is here. The Communication plan is here.

The process started the evening of Monday January 24, division by division. As of July 1, 2011, the process has been completed (the last 16 accounts were moved this morning)

For additional information (or if you want to provide feedback) send email to googleteam at

Is it going to impact me?

For most users, the impacts are small.

1. You'll have access to lots of new services.
2. You won't be able to access multiple Google Accounts from the same browser in the same way you used to (more below). This includes access from mobile devices like iPhones.
3. There are some small changes to the way you login (more below).

A small subset of users will have additional impacts- these users have already been contacted.

Logging in to your personal and LBL accounts at the same time will get trickier.

For most users, we strongly recommend you keep your personal and lbl accounts in different browsers after the transition. For example, consider using Firefox for your LBL account and Chrome for your personal account. Keeping multiple accounts open in different tabs will no longer be straightforward after the transition - using multiple browsers is easy and will help you keep things straight. 
See google:GA+ Transition issues - and solutions, which includes "Access to LBL and personal Google accounts in the same browser"

Note that this applies to mobile device (e.g. iPhone) users who access Gmail from the web browser (e.g. Mobile Safari) too. If you previously accessed your personal and work gmail from the web browser, you'll need to download a second browser or just work with one account at a time on your smartphone.

There are some small changes to the way you login to Google services.

You can now use the Google login screen to access your LBL account. Just enter your lab email address as your username and DO NOT ENTER A PASSWORD. You'll be redirected to the Lab's service where you can securely enter your password.

A small number of personal Google accounts will have additional impacts.

If you have a personal Google account that is associated with your LBL Issued Google Account (think of your lab email address), Google will require you to make changes to your personal Google Account. For example, if your LBL Google Identity is, you will have to make changes to your personal account. Note: If your personal account is there is no impact - you do not have a conflicting account.

Note: We have observed that many people who have conflicting accounts (according to Google) are confused when we sent out an initial email advising them of this - they do not remember ever creating one. As a result, these may have been created years ago or perhaps inadvertently - and may not be much of an impact on lab staff. Google has a video that might help you understand this issue better than we can explain it in words.

What do I need to know?

Can I still have a personal Google Account?

Absolutely - and that is the recommended approach to insure you use lab services for work and your personal account for anything else. You just have to make sure it is not associated with your lab email address.

Some of the new services aren't managed by LBL and IT won't be able to provide you with support for them.

Services like Google Reader and Google Code will be accessible with your LBL Google Account, but they are provided to you under separate terms of service and IT can't control them in any way. We want to offer you the ability to use these services if they're useful to you, even though we can't assist you with them at this time. There is plenty of information available from Google on how to use their services, just click the Help link in the upper right hand corner of most Google services.

For a list of the new Services that we will provide and where to find help, go here.

See a list of all the Google products that are being made available by Google (Note: Any application that has a commercial/business aspect to it such as adwords, will not be included for LBL - but this list does give you the big picture view).

Which services are supported?

The core applications that are supported include: Mail, Calendar, Documents, Sites, Talk, Contacts, and Groups (an improved version comes with GA+, so we will start to make this available).

Even though we can't help you, the information you put into these services is subject to LBL policies and ownership.

Things you do using your LBL Google Account are subject to our terms of use and policies - and to access by LBL IT staff subject to our policies. Think carefully about keeping your personal life separate using a personal google account if required.

For example:

  1. You put your family photos into Picasa, and later you leave the Laboratory. You won't be able to change your Picasa account to a non-Lab account later, so you won't be able to access these photos once you leave.
  2. You post comments that violate our policies on your favorite blog using your LBL Google Identity. You don't want to do this because your LBL Google Identity is subject to our policies.

If there is a transition issue with my account, what is my next step?

What are the possible causes?

There are two likely causes ("username" replaces your real email account):

  1. You have associated to an existing Google consumer account (probably as an alternate contact email); or
  2. You have a standalone Google consumer account (example) (if you did not need a Gmail account, it is possible you associated the service with your lab email address).

For certain situations, Google prompts you to change the association to a different email address and still accomplishes the transition of your lbl account to the new environment. If you have a a Google Voice or Analytics account, the transition just fails and nothing changes for you. These one-off situations have to be dealt with before we try again.

In the meantime, the easiest way to track this down is to go to the Google accounts management page ( and see if you can log in as

When you do that, check the email addresses tied to the account.

  • If the account is the primary account, cleanup may be difficult (you may have to rename your personal account to something that does not conflict with your lab email address).
  • If it's not (it might just be an alternate email address associated with the account) , you'll just need to delete the email address. After than we should be able to transition you. For more information, go here.

For a list of Google Applications you might have used with a conflicting account (and cause issues with transition), go here.

If I have a problem after transitioning, what should I do?

Please see google:GA+ Transition issues - and solutions, which includes "Access to LBL and personal Google accounts in the same browser"

If you can't seem to log in after we transition you, what should you do?

As of 1/21/11 - we have not seen this surface with our Pilot users. Should we experience a problem we will work with you to resolve it.

We can also provide some troubleshooting tips from Google.

I don't want to wait until Google or IT decides to transition me - how can I volunteer?

Sign up here and we will transition you as part of our pilot.

Where Can I Learn More.

Google's Pages on the Migration

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