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Your division uses one or more Google Calendars that were created with Non-LBL email accounts.  You would like to be able to import these calendars into your current LBL Google Calendar or to a secondary calendar you have created for this purpose.

  1. Export specified calendar/s
  2. Import into Google Calendar
How to Export a Single Calendar
  1. Log in to your NON-LBL Google calendar account.

  2. In the calendar list on the left side of the page, click the drop down arrow next to the calendar you wish to export.
    Select Calendar settings.

  3. At the bottom of the page locate the 'Private Address' section.
    Click on the ICAL box.

  4. This will display the URL.  Click the URL link.

  5. A pop up box will appear 'Opening basic.ics.'
    Save the exported file and click OK.
    The file is now saved in your Downloads.
How to Import into Google Calendar
  1. Log into your LBL Google Calendar Account.

  2. If you plan to use an existing secondary calendar (or plan to import to your personal calendar), go to step 3.
    Otherwise, from the drop-down menu of "My Calendars," choose "Create new calendar" and create one

  3. Click the arrow to the right of "Other calendars" and select "Import calendar".

  4. Click on 'Choose File' and locate the file that contains your events.
    Remember, there was not an option where to save the file when we exported it.
    The file was saved in your Downloads; the name of the file is basic.ics.

  5. Next, select the Google Calendar into which you'd like to import events, then click Import.

  6. Once the import is complete, a dialog box will appear confirming the number of events that were imported.
    Click on Close.

  7. You will be returned to your calendar with your events imported.
How to Export Multiple Calendars
  1. Log in to your NON-LBL Google calendar account.

  2. From the My Calendars drop-down menu, select Settings.

  3. Between the two lists of calendars, click the Export calendars link.
    Note, you are only able to export calendars for which you have 'Make changes and manage sharing' permissions.  You won't be able to export calendars that are in your Other Calendars list.

  4. A dialog box will appear asking where to save the ZIP file.
    Choose a location to save the file and click OK.
How to Import Multiple Calendars
  1. Log into your LBL Google Calendar account.

  2. From the 'Other Calendars' drop-down menu, select Import calendar.
    Note, you will need to Extract the ZIP file before you do the next step.

  3. Select the file that you wish to import.
    Select the Calendar that you want to import the events to and click on Import.
    Note, if you select your calendar, the events will all be downloaded there. If the reason for the exporting and importing of other calendars is to keep it separate from your own, it would be in your best interest to create another calendar before importing so that you will be able to import the events into the other calendar. Click here for more information

  4. You should then see a dialog box confirming the number of events imported.
    Select Close.

  5. When you return to your calendar, the new calendar that you imported will be in your My calendars list.  It will be toggled on and the events will be displayed.  Repeat the above steps to import other calendars.

IT Division Help Desk: (510) 486-4357,

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