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  1. Create a Network Place pointing to your eRoom page
    • Open/Explore My Computer.

    • In XP, click Add a network place to start the wizard. If you don't see that link, click either the folders icon in the toolbar or the x in the Folders title bar.

      . . . . .

    • In Windows 7, right-click in the right-hand pane and select Add a Network Location from the pop-up menu

    • Follow the prompts of the wizard to add a network place. You'll need to copy the URL of your eRoom into the Internet or network address field in the wizard and then provide your eRoom credentials.


  2. Create a folder on your hard drive; drag and drop the files and folders from your eRoom in Network Places to that new folder.
    Don't drag the eRoom folder, itself – drag the topmost files and folders in that folder.

  3. Download and install the Cloud Sherpas Bulk File Uploader application.
    Get it here

  4. Use it.
    • When you launch the application, you may get an alert message. Click Run.

    • Enter Google credentials: Enter your LBL email address and LDAP password. Don't forget to check that you accept the license agreement.

    • Choose an App: since you're uploading files to a Google Site, choose Google Sites.

    • Choose a destination: Enter (copy and paste) the URL of the page in your Google Site where you want the files to be uploaded.

    • Select file directory: Click Browse and then navigate to the folder you created to hold your eRoom files and folders.

    • Filter files: you can de-select any files or folders that you do NOT want to have uploaded.

    • Click Upload!

      The application will write a log to tell you which files were uploaded and which were not. It will maintain the hierarchical structure of the folder, creating a new site page for each sub-folder. However, if any of the files that you're uploading already exist on the page, the application will not upload those – it will not overwrite files already on the page.

IT Division Help Desk: (510) 486-4357,

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