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AndroidsThere are two ways to access Google Calendar on Android devices:

  • Calendar app
  • Browser

For the best experience with Google Calendar on Android, Google recommends the New Android App.  Go here for support.


Android phones are locked to the account first used to setup the device. Usually, the device gets setup on the owner personal Google account, e.g. It is not possible to sync a second calendar, such as In order to see your second calendar (, you have two choices.

1. Share your calendar with your calendar [recommended]
2. Reset calendar detail to factory default, and start again with

For above recommended choice (#1), follow these instructions for the Android V4.4x:

First you will need to share your work calendar with your calendar, see our FAQ on this.

Locate Google Calendar in the App Store:

Accept access conditions if agreeable

After completing download, select the “Open” button:

Continue to scroll forward through advertisements..

Select Settings in order to sync your LBL calendar:

Select your shared LBL Calendar

Make certain the Sync settings is ON:

If Syn is successful, you should see all calendar events for LBL Google calendar.

Mobile Support Watch this advertisement video.  

IT Division Help Desk: (510) 486-4357,

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