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Some of the comments that Berkeley Lab staff have provided concerning their initial use of Smartsheet.

  • We are using Smartsheet and find it super useful. We looked at the Google spreadsheet tool and compared with Smartsheet. Smartsheet provides a better solution to our problem.
  • I think Smartsheet is a very useful application. I've been using it to track small scale projects that have a dozen or so components. Much lighter weight than Microsoft Project, a good thing in my opinion, especially for these sort of "short lived" tasks.
  • The Smartsheet tool is a great tool for both external and internal project management. Collaboration is easy and documents can be attached to schedule tasks for more structured work flows.
  • I have been using it to manage small subsystems of a larger project and it seems to work pretty well for that. It is user friendly and simple, but has some pluses like the Gantt chart, discussions per line item and file attachment per line item. That being said, if I didn't have it, I would be doing just fine. With so many software options for calculating, collaborating, organizing and managing, is another one really required? Probably not required, but the ease of use and perks of Smartsheet make it valuable for small project management.
  • Smartsheet gives me the ability to easily track progress of Emergency Services projects. The ability to request project updates from my colleagues eases time spent tracking individual progress. In addition, it's very easy to import existing MS Project files, Excel files, and to create new Smartsheets with the assistance of the templates offered by Smartsheet. I've encouraged my team to create their own Smartsheets to manage everything from event planning, simple to-do lists, to complex projects.
  • I'm using smartsheet to manage about 3 sheets of software development projects. I find that having the project charts on the web is very useful. The different views (html, fully featured, etc) allow me to control how different people can interact with the chart. Some of the default templates are useful and it is easy to manage each row (drag & drop, wrap around). But, there are some significant down-sides: inability to set predecessors and successors, printing to anything larger than 11x17, submitting feedback to them does not spawn an automated email, viewing large plans on a small screen is a bit inconvenient (unable to zoom out), when printing you cannot specify what the last date on your chart is (the software makes some decision about what the last date should be). I think it'd be useful to have a link to their product roadmap on the introduction page. (Editors Note: this page is available off the Help Link when logged in to Smartsheet)
  • I love the Smartsheets program. I tried to get a project team online to use it with no initial success but will try again on my next project as I think there is incredible merit to the online collaboration functionality.
  • I like it. I use it daily as a scheduling and planning tool.
  • The Resource Services Team (Library) uses Smartsheet to track current tasks, ongoing journal problems, Library space planning and I use it a task list to track my personal activities. I think it is easy to use, adaptable, inclusive (everyone from student assistants on up use the 'sheets" and a very convenient way to communicate within a group (we work with individuals from UCB using Smartsheet). No reason it could not be used for groups with membership world-wide. This is a very "no brainer" productivity tool for the lab.
  • I use Smartsheet and find it a useful tool for many things. Along with email and calendar, this is my other "go to" and "always on" application. This is what I like about it.
    1. I can track multiple projects.
    2. I can share some projects with others and some projects are not shared.
    3. I can customize the columns.
    4. I can view as a grid or calendar.
    5. I can download to Excel or PDF a sheet.
    6. I can set multiple alerts that is sent to my email.
    7. I can attach documents and links to a task.
    8. I can create a form and embed it in a web site or email it to others for input into a sheet.
    9. With forms, I can customize which fields a person can see.
    10. I can publish the sheet on a web page for others to view the data (I haven't tired this one yet, but it seems that I should be able to per the documentation).
  • I would like to see Smartsheets:
    1. be able to load upcoming tasks into my Google Tasks (of course I would like Google Tasks to be a more useful tool itself).
    2. Dashboard have more useful gadgets (e.g., able to see if a shared sheet was updated by someone else, able to see if a sheet was updated via the form tool).

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