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Creating and Modifying Entries


How do I...

Google Calendar

. . .  create a new entry?

See Google Calendar Help here


. . .  remove an entry?

See Google Calendar Help here.

. . .  create a repeating entry?

See Google Calendar Help here.

. . .  modify a repeating entry?

You can edit a repeating meeting just as you would a non-repeating meeting. When you save your changes you'll be asked if you want to only change the one meeting, change all of the meetings in the series, or change the current and all subsequent meetings. Note: If you make changes in the nature of the repeat, the changes will be made to the entire series.

. . .  send emails to others about an entry?

You will be asked if you want to send an email to guests any time you create, modify or delete an entry. In addition, you can email guests at any time by opening the event and clicking on the "Email Guests" link.

. . .  view someone else's agenda?

Your ability to view some else's agenda depends on the Sharing options chosen by that user. If you have sufficient rights to view the calendar, you can view it by following these instructions. Note: On your LBNL Google Calendar, you'll see "Add a co-workers calendar" instead of "Add a friend's calendar."

. . .  find a time when everyone is free?

1. Schedule an event
2. Click "Find a Time" tab
3. Review the display for a common meeting time.  (Each invitee is displayed in a column in the table - meeting times are displayed in the rows. )

(Note, this only works with people sharing calendars, or if the calendar is made public. A good alternative is Doodle at

. . .  view a conference room or other resource agenda?

You view and schedule conference rooms and other resources by following these instructions.

. . .  prevent people from inviting me to meetings and events in Calendar?

You can't prevent people from adding you to the guest list, but you can prevent the event from showing up on your calendar, and you can also prevent the email invitation. To prevent the event from automatically being added to your calendar, follow the instructions under "Default notification settings" here. Then, to prevent being notified by email of the invitation, follow the instructions under "Automatically add invitations to my calendar" here.


General Questions


How do I...

Google Calendar

. . .  manage groups?

Contact groups are created in Gmail for use in Google Calendar. Once the contact group has been created, you can access it by clicking on "Contacts" in the Add Guests box. Click here to see the Gmail Help page (click again to close)

. . .  Easily Accept holidays when they are added each year?

Yet to be determined. This might be done using a shared calendar rather than individual invitations.

. . .  print my Calendar?

Click here to see Google Calendar Help


Who manages each calendar resource (conference rooms, equipment, etc.)?

A tool will be written that allows the IT Help Desk to provision and de-provision resources.  Resources can be assigned the equivalent of designate rights to end users who can then further share responsibility or just manage the resource.  Some resources (a private conference room completely managed by one person) could be a separate calendar (and not a traditional resource).


Access to Others' Calendars



How do I...

Google Calendar

. . . change the view other people have of my calendar?

You can change others' ability to view your calendar by changing your Sharing options.

. . .  give someone designate rights to my calendar?

You can change others' ability to schedule on your behalf by changing your Sharing options.

. . . access another calendar for which I have designate rights?

Depending on the rights you've been given to that calendar, it should be in either your My Calendars list or your Other Calendars list. Click the down arrow next to its name and select Create Events on  this Calendar.




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