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Note: Android-powered phones come with Google applications pre-installed.

Configure Android Versions 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 built-in Gmail app to access LBL Gmail:

  1. Click on the Gmail icon.
  2. Enter your LBL email address (e.g. as the username
  3. Enter your LDAP password

Configure Android PRE Version 2.1

For Android phones pre-version 2.1 it is important to note that you are only able to have one Gmail account on these phones.  For example, if you purchased your phone and is for personal use the Gmail account that you will have access to will be your personal account.  The phone will not let you add another Gmail account using the pre-loaded applications.  

However, you can add your LBL Gmail account by creating it under an IMAP account.

Configure Android Version 4.4X

Go to Settings on your Android Phone, scroll down to Accounts and select Add account:


Select “Google” for account:

Select “Existing” for your existing LBNL Gmail account:

Sign in with your email and password:

Then selecting the advance arrow:

Select OK per policy terms per your agreement:

Select or deslect Syncing options:

Optional to backup your data to your Google sign-in account, then advance forward:

Adjust sync settings to be manual or automatic:

Your Gmail should now be configured.  Just select your Gmail icon to view your Gmail account(s):

Note, if you have multiple Gmail accounts, select the radio button next to the account for use:


See also Google Android Configuration procedure

Note well: The Google Android configuration includes a handy checklist to verify you have the correct settings.

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