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What is AODocs and what problem does it solve?

AODocs is a document management system that integrates with Google Drive and provides central ownership of documents, additional document metadata, workflows and more. It solves the problem of individual ownership of documents in Google Drive by transferring ownership to a single AODOCS account provisioned by IT.  At a minimum it will provide a folder/file hierarchy that can be used to house and access team-based documents.  (Another way to think about this - it might be similar to what our Network File system users refer to as their "G" Drive). At Berkeley Lab we are using it as a home for legacy eRooms and Webspace shared folders, services that were discontinued.

Where can I find more information?

The vendor web page is here.

A more comprehensive description of terms, concepts and a knowledge base is here.  This represents the higher end of the functionality that might be provided.  A more basic "Google drive library" would not require the more involved functionality related to document classes and  customized views.

Our FAQ for Google Drive Shared folder (team) libraries is here.