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Receiving FAQs

How do I find out if my package has arrived?

Go to Provide the following information such as, carrier tracking number, purchase order or Pcard number, vendor name, your name to complete this request.

Where is my package?

Again, the same information is needed to complete this request and locate your package or material in the system. The Receiving's internal tracking system (I-Box) scans the barcodes generated by FED-X, UPS, DHL, and feeds that information to Trackit.

When can I get my package delivered?

All research begins with information given by the requester about their shipment to determine if the package has been received and where it is in the Receiving/ Transportation process. Most packages and material are delivered within one business day.

Is it possible to pick-up a package at Central Receiving?

Yes, you may pick up your package after it is processed. Hazardous material shipments may only be picked up if the employee is certified and trained to handle and transport, (See EH&S Chemical Hygiene Section under Material of Trades section for information regarding the handling and transporting of Hazardous Material).

(Call (EXT 4935) or email receiving at to make arrangements for picking up your material at Central Receiving located at building 69.
Why does it take more than one day to get my package?

Many times, packages are received without the proper information to process and deliver the material to the correct recipient and location. Packages are placed in research, where they undergo the process of identifying the needed information, such as recipient name, purchase order or Procard number.

What is Central Receiving's function?

Receiving inspects packages for damages to file exceptions when damages are apparent. Shipments are scanned and recorded as received following Procurement, Property Management, and Accounts Payable procedures. Receiving facilitates the activity or material into LBNL and records acceptance according to DOE and Procurement/ Accounts Payable and Property Management's approved practices.

Why are certain packages opened by Receiving?

Receiving will open packages when the material is not identified as an EBUY item and can't be identified using the packing list. Packages and material must be opened when the packing lists are not visible on the exterior of the package, as well as when items are identified as sensitive property and require DOE tagging.
How do I contact Receiving?You may contact Receiving at 510-486-4935, or

Transportation FAQs

Why can't Transportation deliver my package as soon as it arrives at Central Receiving?

Packages must be officially received, sorted, and labeled before they can be distributed for delivery. Most premium (next day air) packages are processed and delivered the same day, while other material is delivered within 24 hours.

Does the Lab offer a same day courier service?

Yes, IDS Couriers provides a same day pick-up and delivery service for the Lab.

You may contact them at 510-548-3263 or email

What other services does Transportation offer?

In addition to delivering packages and palletized material, Transportation offers:

  • Dry ice deliveries
  • Coordination and Transport of sensitive equipment moves on and off-site
  • Package pickups
  • Courtesy Salvage pickups (routine or <250 lbs)
  • Salvage hoppers – metal or plastic ( Delivery/ Exchange)

How do I get Transportation to pickup material for me?

Submit a Work Request at Use the Transportation request button. At least 3 days notice is required. Salvage material <250 lbs can be done for free.

When is the Rigging shop needed to help Transportation move my heavy equipment?

When the weight exceeds >250 lbs or when special handling is required to get equipment in and out of rooms.

How much does a pickup or delivery cost?

Approximately $50/hour.

Why can’t the driver pickup my packages at the mail stop?

The Lab's mail services vendor provides mail pickup and delivery service for Lab and does not cover packages.

Why does Transportation pickup some of my salvage equipment, chairs and tables, for free and other times not?

Individual material/equipment >250 lbs may require assistance from the Riggers. Free pickups are only for salvage items < 250 lb. Please note that items must be detached and freestanding in order to be moved free of charge. Drivers do not disconnect or unbolt items to be moved.

Shipping FAQs

What do I need to do to ship something out?

You need to take the required policy and procedure training online at Click on “Training can be found here.” To receive credit for the course and have your access to the system automatically granted, be sure to enter your complete employee id number at the end of the training. Make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off. Click on the big blue circle with the check mark and enter your employee id. Return to and log in to NetShip.

Where do I obtain a shipping document?

Contact Lab Creatives Services @ x6799 to obtain Shipping documents.

For FedEx, UPS, and DHL shipments the Lab no longer requires the use of shipping documents. You must use NetShip for your shipping needs at

To obtain a shipping document for Truck freight, air freight other than Fed X, Vender pick-ups, and self deliveries, please contact shipping at or call x5084.

Where do I go to put in a work order?

If I want to ship out a chemical, what do I need to do?

Provide a copy of the MSDS and contact shipping at or x5084 for further instructions.

How does my material get taken to Shipping?

If the material is not hazardous, you may drop it off at Bldg. 69 or put in a work request to have Transportation move the material for you at If the material is hazardous, contact shipping at x5084 or  and they will arrange for the material to be picked up by Transportation.

May I deliver my own package to shipping?

Yes, provided there is nothing hazardous with the package or material that you are delivering to Bldg 69 Shipping department.

Transportation Services

Transportation Services


Bldg 69


7:00am- 3:30pm


(510) 486-5405



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