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    The goal of Long Range Planning & Master Planning is to ensure the orderly development of the Lab's campus over time. The Facilities Planning Department is responsible for performing Long Range Planning and Master Planning, and producing planning documents and studies. Specific Capital Projects are not under the purview of Long Range Planning; rather, Long Range Planning is meant to anticipate and provide guidance for projects when the opportunity and need for a new building or other asset arises.

    Site-Wide Massing Studies (2009)

    The Facilities Planning Department has begun work on master planning, through the development of site massing studies for four areas of the Laboratory, including the Bevatron Area, the Cafeteria Area, the Old Town Area, and the Foundry-Bio Area.

    The site massing studies identify potential areas for redevelopment, and allow for a thoughtful evolution of the Lab’s campus rather than a haphazard one.


    Site-Wide Massing Studies: Bevatron Update (2010)

    This update to the Site-Wide Massing Studies continued the investigation of the Bevatron area in order to more precisely accommodate the requirements of the NGLS program.


    Long Range Development Plan (2006)

    The 2006 Long Range Development is mandated by the UC regents, and establishes a framework of land use principles and policies to guide future growth and change through 2025. The plan identifies projections in population, building space, and land uses.


    Long Range Development Plan EIR (2006)

    The Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) provides an assessment of the LRDP and its potential effects on the environment.




    Vision Plan (2009)

    Berkeley Lab’s Vision Plan is intended to work in harmony with the LRDP. The Vision Plan articulates the shared values within which future projects will be realized, helping to create a distinctive campus wherein the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


    Environmental Planning

    Interior Design

    Site Planning & Transportation