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Outdoor spaces at the Lab are popular meeting spots

Outdoor spaces at the Lab are popular meeting spots

The Facilities Planning Department reviews all landscape architecture projects to ensure they support Berkeley Lab’s larger site goals and enhance the site’s unique environment. Some issues that we consider in reviewing landscape architecture projects include:

  • Creation of usable outdoor space for employees and visitors
  • Pedestrian connectivity and accessibility to other landscaped sites and adjacent buildings
  • Relationship to existing planning documents
  • Safety of pedestrian pathways and lighting
  • Durability, sustainability, and compatibility of selected outdoor furniture
  • Compatibility of signage with Lab’s campus-wide signage program
  • Parking creation or removal in compliance with the LRDP
  • Compliance with the Lab’s Campus Planning & Design Guidelines

Additionally, the Facilities Planning Department considers larger, campus-based landscape programs such as tree planting in anticipation of the need to screen new development projects in the future. The Landscape & Open Space section of the Campus Planning & Design Guidelines, as well as the Revegetation Guidelines (Eldon Beck Associates, 1995; not available online) provide guidance on landscape planning.


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