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Bldgs 061 to 099

Bldg #Drawing #Sheet #Drawing TitleProj #
61  SEE BLDG 36 
62 4B62E011.pdfFA0.2FAP-01-062 WiringFM9001
62 4B62E023.pdf Waste Accumulation Container120196
624B62E024.pdf Xmtrs 113 & 114 Wiring308021
624B62E057.pdf Xmtrs 113 & 114 Logic Diag.308021
624B62E058.pdf 1st Floor Alarm Devices308021
624B62E059.pdf 2ndFloor Alarm Devices308021
624B62E060.pdf 3rdFloor Alarm Devices308021
624B62E061.pdf Basement, 62A, Elevator & Misc. Alarm devices308021
624B62E062.pdf System 3 Backboard Demolition308021
624B62E089.pdf MOI/MID Modules308021
624B62E137.pdfFA0.13rd Floor Conversion - FA System Plan & NotesFM9001
624B62E138.pdfFA0.23rd Floor Conversion - FAP-01-062 Diag.FM9001
624B62E139.pdfFA1.03rd Floor Conversion - FA System Plan & NotesFM9001
624B62E140.pdfFAFAP-01-62B WiringFB4010
624B62E175.pdf Function Chart & Calculations000000
624B62E176.pdf Calculations000000
624N62E089.pdf1MOI/MID Modules308021
62A  SEE BLDG 62 
62B4B62BE004.pdfE4MX-316 Alarm Logic & Function ChartWN1787
62B4B62BE009.pdf FAP-01-062B & MOI/MID Wiring Diag.WN1787
62B4B62BE011.pdfFAFAP-01-062BWiring Diag.WN1787
62B4B62BE012.pdf Function Chart & Calculations000000
63  SEE BLDG 55 
644B64E021.pdfFA2.4Xmtr Logic & Wiring Diag.120700
644B64E023.pdfFASR-35 & Terminal Board Wiring120700
644B64E024.pdfFADevice Wiring120700
644B64E059.pdf Genome Sequence - Modifications to Bldg Feeder & FA LoopFM9210
644B64E067.pdfE5Genome Sequence - 1st Floor FA & Signal PlanFM9210
644B64E068.pdfE6Genome Sequence - 2ndFloor FA & Signal PlanFM9210
644B64E077.pdf Hi Bay Renovation - PA/TEL/FA PlanFM9300
644B64E082.pdf Hi Bay Renovation - Electrical & FA DetailsFM9300
644B64E084.pdfFA2.8Device WiringFM9210
644B64E105.pdf FAP-02-064 WiringFM3001
644B64E118.pdf Bldg 64 Phine/Data Reroute - Site PlanFT3200
644B64E124.pdf MOI/MID ModulesFB4010
644B64E145.pdf Function Chart & Calculations000000
644N64E035.pdfE5.2Office/Lab Renovation - 1st Floor FA Plan120700
644N64E039.pdfE7.2Office/Lab Renovation - 2ndFloor FA Plan120700
644N64E113.pdfFA2.0Lab/Office Modifications - FA Details & CalculationsFM3001
644N64E114.pdfFA2.1Lab/Office Modifications - FA ModificationsFM3001
644N64E115.pdfFA2.2Lab/Office Modifications - FA ModificationsFM3001
644N64E116.pdfFA2.3Lab/Office Modifications - FA ModificationsFM3001
64C4B64CE039.pdfE40SW-A6 FA Device WiringFE2001
64C4B64CE051.pdfE6355 Substation - Ltg., FA, Comm, Ground'g Plan 7 DetailsFE2001
64C4B64CE105.pdf FA Conduit LayoutFB4010
64C4B64CE173.pdf FA Panel LayoutFB4010
64C4B64CE174.pdf Loop 3 MXL Arrangement & WiringFE5200
64C4B64CE176.pdf MOM-4-01 & MOM-4-02-064 WiringFB4010
64C4B64CE265.pdf MXL/MOI Copper Loop Network Diag.FR1015
64C4B64CE267.pdf Function Chart & Calculations000000
654B65E008.pdf Xmtr 142 Logic & SR-35 WiringFB4010
654B65E018.pdf Xmtr 142 Wiring / Panel LayoutFB4010
654B65E025.pdf FAP-01 & -02-065 WiringFB4010
654B65E026.pdf MOI/MID ModulesFB4010
654B65E028.pdf Function Chart & Calculations000000
65A  SEE BLDG 65 
65B  SEE BLDG 65 
663N66E092.pdfE2.1Fire & Life Safety Project120257
663N66E093.pdfE2.2Fire & Life Safety Project120257
664B66E055.pdf FAP-01-066 Wiring120362
664B66E078.pdf Elevator Pressurization FA Logic761372
664B66E079.pdfE1Smoke Control - Device Location Plan - 1st Floor120362
664B66E080.pdfE2Smoke Control - AHU-1, BL-4,-5 & -47120362
664B66E081.pdfE3Smoke Control - BL-3120362
664B66E082.pdfE4Smoke Control - AHU-2120362
664B66E083.pdfE5Smoke Control - AHU-3120362
664B66E084.pdfE6Smoke Control - AHU-4120362
664B66E085.pdfE7Smoke Control - BL-48120362
664B66E086.pdfE8Riser & Terminal Block Diags.120362
664B66E087.pdfFAXmtrs 201 & 202 Logic Diag120362
664B66E089.pdfE11Door Closer & Shutdown Relay Diag.120362
664B66E090.pdfE12Field Device Wiring120362
664B66E091.pdfE13Fire Protection Control Panel Wiring & Details120362
664B66E117.pdf FAP-01A-066 Interconnection Diag.120362
664B66E128.pdf Replacement FA System - Basement Floor Plan120362
664B66E169.pdfFA0.002nd Floor Upgrade - FA Notes, Details & CalculationsFM9002
664B66E170.pdfFA0.012nd Floor Upgrade - FAP-01 ModificationsFM9002
664B66E171.pdfFA0.022nd Floor Upgrade - FAP-01A ModificationsFM9002
664B66E172.pdfFA1.002nd Floor Upgrade - FA Demolition PlanFM9002
664B66E173.pdfFA2.002nd Floor Upgrade - FA Modifications PlanFM9002
664B66E174.pdfFA3.002nd Floor Upgrade - FA Modifications PlanFM9002
664B66E175.pdf SR-33, PM-32, SR-35 Interconnection Diag.FB4010
664B66E180.pdf Function Chart & Calculations000000
665B66E107.pdfE1Supply & Exhaust Smoke Control Zone Diag. for Wall Display120362
66A  East Canyon Switching Station - SEE BLDG 66 
674B67E107.pdfE1Rm 3235A Server EPO SystemME1172
674B67E148.pdf1Drawing Index, Function Charts & CalculationsMF1212
674B67E149.pdf2Voltage Drop CalculationsMF1212
674B67E150.pdf3Voltage Drop CalculationsMF1212
674B67E151.pdf4Riser Diag. - Initiating DevicesMF1212
674B67E152.pdf5Riser Diag. - Notification DevicesMF1212
674B67E153.pdf6Control Unit Arrangment - FAP-001-067MF1212
674B67E154.pdf7Control Unit Arrangment - FAP-002-067MF1212
674B67E155.pdf8Control Unit & Power Supply Arrangement FAP-003,-004,-005-067MF1212
674B67E156.pdf9VESDA Control & Power SupplyMF1212
674B67E157.pdf10Control Unit Arrangment - FAP-004-067MF1212
674B67E158.pdf11Fan Shutdown Damper Control Riser Diag., Partial PlanMF1212
674B67E159.pdf12Hazardous Material & Oxygen Sensor SystemMF1212
674B67E160.pdf131st Floor PlanMF1212
674B67E161.pdf142nd Floor PlanMF1212
674B67E162.pdf152nd Floor Clean Room Partial PlanMF1212
674B67E163.pdf163rd Floor PlanMF1212
674B67E164.pdf174th Floor PlanMF1212
674B67E165.pdf185th Floor PlanMF1212
674B67E166.pdf196th Floor PlanMF1212
674B67E167.pdf20Roof Floor PlanMF1212
674B67E168.pdf21Utility Bldg 1st & 2nd Floor PlansMF1212
675N67E018.pdfFA0.1MF Fire Alarm System - Function Chart, Notes, DetailsMF1212
675N67E019.pdfFA0.10MF Fire Alarm System - Calculations, Riser Diag.MF1212
675N67E020.pdfFA0.11MF Fire Alarm System - Details, Power CalculationsMF1212
675N67E021.pdfFA0.12MF Fire Alarm System - Hazardous Material, Oxygen Sensor & CalculationsMF1212
675N67E022.pdfFA0.2MF Fire Alarm System - System DetailsMF1212
675N67E023.pdfFA0.3MF Fire Alarm System - Riser Diag.MF1212
675N67E024.pdfFA0.4MF Fire Alarm System - Fire Alarm Control PanelsMF1212
675N67E025.pdfFA0.5MF Fire Alarm System - FACP Power SuppliesMF1212
675N67E026.pdfFA0.6MF Fire Alarm System - Fan & Damper Shutdown / Function ChartMF1212
675N67E027.pdfFA0.7MF Fire Alarm System - Address ListsMF1212
675N67E028.pdfFA0.8MF Fire Alarm System - Voltage Drop CalculationsMF1212
675N67E029.pdfFA0.9MF Fire Alarm System - Voltage Drop CalculationsMF1212
675N67E030.pdfFA2.1MF Fire Alarm System - Level 1 PlanMF1212
675N67E031.pdfFA2.2MF Fire Alarm System - Level 2 PlanMF1212
675N67E032.pdfFA2.3MF Fire Alarm System - Level 3 PlanMF1212
675N67E033.pdfFA2.4MF Fire Alarm System - Level 4 PlanMF1212
675N67E034.pdfFA2.5MF Fire Alarm System - Level 5 PlanMF1212
675N67E035.pdfFA2.6MF Fire Alarm System - Level 6 PlanMF1212
675N67E036.pdfFA2.7MF Fire Alarm System - Level 7 PlanMF1212
675N67E037.pdfFA2.8MF Fire Alarm System - Utility Bldg. PlanMF1212
67A  SEE BLDG 67 
684B68E008.pdfFA1Function Chart & Calculations000000
684B68E009.pdfFA2Logic Diag.000000
684B68E010.pdfFA3System 3 & MOI/MID Wiring000000
693N69E032.pdfFA E2.1Fire & Life Safety Project120257
693N69E033.pdfFA E2.2Fire & Life Safety Project120257
694B69E025.pdf Replacement Fire Alarm System - PlanFA8040
694B69E031.pdf Interconnection Diag.153794
694B69E052.pdf Replacement Fire Alarm System - System 3 WiringFA8040
694B69E053.pdf Replacement Fire Alarm System - Logic & MOI/MID ModulesFA8040
694B69E063.pdf Replacement Fire Alarm System - Surge Suppressor WiringFA8040
694B69E070.pdf Function Chart & Calculations000000
704B70E019.pdfFARm 130 FA Partial Plan & ElevationFB4010
704B70E032.pdf Xmtrs 110 & 147Logic Diag.FB4010
704B70E039.pdf Xmtr 147 Interconnection Diag.FB4010
704B70E040.pdf Door Holder & Smoke Control Devices153794
704B70E085.pdf FAP-01-070FB4010
70 E-17Hazardous Materials Safeguards - 2nd Floor FA Plan120259
704B70E151.pdf SR-35 WiringFB4010
704B70E192.pdf Replacement Fire Alarm System - MOI/MID ModulesFC9116
704B70E244.pdfFA1.00Rms 257/263 Lab Conversion - FA ModificationsWCQ407
704B70E245.pdf FAP-01A-070 Wiring Diag.000000
704B70E246.pdf Function Chart & Calculations000000
704N70E115.pdfE-15Hazardous Materials Safeguards - FA Equipment Schedule120259
704N70E116.pdfE-16Hazardous Materials Safeguards - 1st Floor FA Plan120259
704N70E117.pdfE-17Hazardous Materials Safeguards -2nd Floor FA Plan120259
704N70E118.pdfE-18Hazardous Materials Safeguards -3rd Floor & Roof FA Plan120259
704N70E119.pdfE-19Hazardous Materials Safeguards - Riser Diag.120259
704N70E120.pdfE-20Hazardous Materials Safeguards - FA Panel Wiring120259
704N70E121.pdfE-21Hazardous Materials Safeguards - FA Logic DIag.120259
70A4B70AE013.pdf Elevator Modifications - FAP-01-070A & RiserFE9005
70A4B70AE028.pdf FAP-01-070A WiringFB4010
70A4B70AE029.pdf FA Logic Diag.FB4010
70A4B70AE056.pdf Logic Diag., Details, Function ChartFB4010
70A4B70AE078.pdf FAP-001A-070AFB4010
70A4B70AE159.pdf LSAD Project - Add FA Bells 4th FloorWB8852
70A4B70AE165.pdfE2Rms 2235,2245,2253 Modifications - FA PlanFM3004
70A4B70AE176.pdf FAP-001B-070A, SR-35 Wiring & ElevationFB4010
70A4B70AE177.pdf MOI/MID ModulesFB4010
70A4B70AE194.pdf Function Chart & Calculations000000
714B71E038.pdfFARms 159 to 174 Smoke DetectionW51425
714B71E039.pdfFARms 159 to 174 HalonW51425
714B71E041.pdfFALoop 3 Logic Diag.FB4010
714B71E042.pdfFALoop 3 Logic Diag.FA8040
714B71E044.pdfFARms 001,101,101A,104 Fire SuppressionFA8040
714B71E049.pdfFAEast End - FA Right-of-WayFA8040
714B71E050.pdfFAFunctional SchematicFA8040
714B71E051.pdfFAPanel ElevationFA8040
714B71E052.pdfFALoop 3 Logic Diag.FB4010
714B71E053.pdfFARms 001,101,101A,104 Fire Suppression - Interconnection Diag.FA8040
714B71E054.pdfFATrailers' Device LocationsFA8040
714B71E056.pdfFATrailers' Xmtr 225 WiringFB4010
714B71E086.pdfFAFA Panel Interconnection Diag.153794
714B71E088.pdfFAFA Panel Interconnection Diag.153794
714B71E089.pdfFAFAP-001-71 WiringFB4010
714B71E097.pdfFA E1AHU-029 Duct SMoke Detector - Plan & Wiring005503
714B71E104.pdfFA E4Rms 001A & 106 Modifications - Wiring Diag.,Legend,NotesW38005
714B71E106.pdfFA E5Rms 001A & 106 Modifications - Roof Plan,Legend,NotesW38005
714B71E156.pdfFA0.3Beam Physics - FA System 3 Interconnection Diag.FM7100
714B71E118.pdfE-2Caves B/L/M/N Smoke Detector InstallationFA0130
714B71E122.pdfFA E-1LSAD Project - Add FA Bells 1st FloorWB8852
714B71E139.pdfFAFAP-001A-71 WiringFB4010
714B71E140.pdfFASR-35 WiringFB4010
714B71E141.pdfFAMOI/MID ModulesFB4010
714B71E142.pdfFASR-35 WiringFB4010
714B71E156.pdfFA1.1Beam Physics - FA ModificationsFM7100
714B71E233.pdf Function Chart & Calculations000000
714B71E234.pdf Calculations000000
715B71E200.pdfFA-001Bella - General Notes. Legend, Typ. Installation Details & Function ChartFX0300
715B71E201.pdfFA-002Bella - HSSD Schematic & Installation DetailsFX0300
715B71E202.pdfFA-003Bella - FAP-001-71 Interconnection ModificationsFX0300
715B71E203.pdfFA-004Bella - FAP-001A-71 Interconnection ModificationsFX0300
715B71E204.pdfFA-201Bella - 1st Level FA PlanFX0300
715B71E205.pdfFA-202Bella - Lower Roof FA PlanFX0300
715B71E206.pdfFA-203Bella - Upper Roof FA PlanFX0300
715B71E223.pdfFA-005Bella - MOI/MID Modules & RelaysFX0300
715B71E224.pdfFA-204Bella - HSSD 1st Level PlanFX0300
71B  SEE BLDG 71 
71C  ALSO 71D, 71F, 71H, 71K, 71J, 71T, 71X, 71W 
71C4B71CE001.pdfFAFAP-001-71C WiringFB4010
71C4B71CE002.pdfFALogic Diag.FB4010
71C4B71CE003.pdfFAMOI/MID ModulesFB4010
71C4B71CE004.pdf Xmtr 225, MX-203 Wiring000000
71C4B71CE004.pdf Function Chart & Calculations000000
71T  SEE BLDG 71C 
724B72E012.pdfFA0.3Xmtr 115 & 135 Interconnection Diag.FM6100
724B72E013.pdfFA0.4Elevation & Device WiringFM6100
724B72E017.pdfFA0.5Logic Diag.FM6100
724B72E022.pdfFA0.6FAP-001-72 WiringFM6100
724B72E032.pdfFA0.7FAP-001C-72 WiringFM6100
724B72E061.pdf Function Chart & Calculations000000
72A4B72AE008.pdfFA0-1NCEM Renovation - Team 0.5 - FA Notes, Details, Function ChartFM6100
72A4B72AE009.pdfFA0-2NCEM Renovation - Team 0.5 - HSSD SystemFM6100
72A4B72AE010.pdfFA1-1NCEM Renovation - Team 0.5 - FA Demolition PlansFM6100
72A4B72AE011.pdfFA1-2NCEM Renovation - Team 0.5 - FA Demolition PlansFM6100
72A4B72AE012.pdfFA2-1NCEM Renovation - Team 0.5 - FA/HSSD PlansFM6100
72A4B72AE013.pdfFA2-2NCEM Renovation - Team 0.5 - FA/HSSD PlansFM6100
72A4B72AE015.pdfFA0.8NCEM Renovation - Team 0.5 - FAP-001D-72FM6100
72B4B72BE011.pdfFA0.1ARM Renovation - Team 1.0 - FA Notes, Details, Function ChartFM6100
72B4B72BE012.pdfFA0.2ARM Renovation - Team 1.0 - FA/HSSD SystemFM6100
72B4B72BE013.pdfFA0.9ARM Renovation - Team 1.0 - FAP-001D-72 WiringFM6100
72B4B72BE014.pdfFA1.1ARM Renovation - Team 1.0 - FA Demolition PlanFM6100
72B4B72BE015.pdfFA1.2ARM Renovation - Team 1.0 - FA Demolition PlanFM6100
72B4B72BE016.pdfFA2.1ARM Renovation - Team 1.0 - FA/HSSD PlanFM6100
72B4B72BE017.pdfFA2.2ARM Renovation - Team 1.0 - FA/HSSD PlanFM6100
72C4N72CE011.pdfE-9Office/Lab Addition - Partial FA Diag.120651
72E  Bldg 72 Substation - SEE BLDG 72 
734B73E006.pdf Xmtr 204 Interconnection Diag.WG0721
734B73E009.pdf FAP-001-73 Interconnection Diag.WG0721
734B73E010.pdf Logic & MOI/MID Diag.WG0721
734B73E015.pdf SR-35 Relay Connectin Diag.WG0721
734B73E016.pdf FA Plan & DetailsWG0721
734B73E017.pdf MX-203 Terminal Cabinet Interconnection Diag.WG0721
734B73E018.pdf FA Device Interconnection Diag.WG0721
734B73E024.pdf Function Chart & Calculations000000
73A  SEE BLDG 73 
744B74E302.pdfFA1Function Chart, Calculations, Equipment List, Symbol ListFN9200
744B74E303.pdfFA2FAP-001-74 Details 7 WiringFN9200
744B74E304.pdfFA3Power Supply Panel & CalculationsFN9200
744B74E305.pdfFA4DSC Dual Synchronization Module Wiring Diag.FN9200
744B74E306.pdfFA5Riser Diag.FN9200
744B74E307.pdfFA61st Floor PlanFN9200
744B74E308.pdfFA71st Floor Plan (Protectowire)FN9200
744B74E309.pdfFA82nd Floor PlanFN9200
744B74E310.pdfFA92nd Floor Plan (Protectowire)FN9200
744B74E311.pdfFA103rd Floor PlanFN9200
744B74E312.pdfFA113rd Floor Plan (Protectowire)FN9200
744B74E313.pdfFA12Roof Floor PlanFN9200
744B74E314.pdfFA13HSSD Function Chart, CAlculations, VESDA Power Supply #1, Detector WiringFN9200
744B74E315.pdfFA14VESDA Power Supply #2, Detector Wiring & CalculationsFN9200
744B74E316.pdfFA151st Floor HSSD Piping PlanFN9200
744B74E317.pdfFA162nd Floor HSSD Piping PlanFN9200
744B74E318.pdfFA173rd Floor HSSD Piping PlanFN9200
744B74E319.pdfFA181st Floor HSSD Piping SchematicFN9200
744B74E320.pdfFA192nd Floor HSSD Piping SchematicFN9200
744B74E321.pdfFA203rd Floor HSSD Piping SchematicFN9200
746N74E276.pdfFA0.1.1Bldg. Renovation - FA Notes & DetailsFN9200
746N74E277.pdfFA0.1.2Bldg. Renovation - FA Riser & Schematic Diag.FN9200
746N74E278.pdfFA0.1.3Bldg. Renovation - FA HSSD Schematic Diag.FN9200
746N74E279.pdfFA0.1.4Bldg. Renovation - FA Addresses & Voltage Drop CalculationsFN9200
746N74E280.pdfFA2.1.1WBldg. Renovation - FA 1st Floor West PlanFN9200
746N74E281.pdfFA2.1.1EBldg. Renovation - FA 1st Floor East PlanFN9200
746N74E282.pdfFA2.1.2WBldg. Renovation - FA 2nd Floor West PlanFN9200
746N74E283.pdfFA2.1.2EBldg. Renovation - FA 2nd Floor East PlanFN9200
746N74E284.pdfFA2.1.3WBldg. Renovation - FA 3rd Floor West PlanFN9200
746N74E285.pdfFA2.1.3EBldg. Renovation - FA 3rd Floor East PlanFN9200
746N74E286.pdfFA2.1.4WBldg. Renovation - FA Roof Floor West PlanFN9200
746N74E287.pdfFA2.1.4EBldg. Renovation - FA Roof Floor East PlanFN9200
746N74E322.pdfFA-01Cover Sheet & Equipment ListFN9200
746N74E323.pdfFA-02Notes, Details, Function ChartFN9200
746N74E324.pdfFA-03MXL - FACP & CalculationsFN9200
746N74E325.pdfFA-04Altronix Power Supply Panel & CalculationsFN9200
746N74E326.pdfFA-05DSC Wiring Diag.FN9200
746N74E327.pdfFA-06Typical Field Device WiringFN9200
746N74E328.pdfFA-06ATypical Field Device WiringFN9200
746N74E329.pdfFA-07Typical Wiring of A/C Unit Duct DetectorFN9200
746N74E330.pdfFA-08Riser Diag.FN9200
746N74E331.pdfFA-09FA Plan 1st FloorFN9200
746N74E332.pdfFA-09AFA Plan 1st Floor (Protectowire)FN9200
746N74E333.pdfFA-10FA Plan 2nd FloorFN9200
746N74E334.pdfFA-10AFA Plan 2nd Floor (Protectowire)FN9200
746N74E335.pdfFA-11FA Plan 3rd FloorFN9200
746N74E336.pdfFA-11AFA Plan 3rd Floor (Protectowire)FN9200
746N74E337.pdfFA-12FA Plan RoofFN9200
746N74E338.pdfFA-13HSSD Misc. Notes, Details & Function ChartFN9200
746N74E339.pdfFA-14HSSD VESDA Detector, Power Supply, Battery CalculationsFN9200
746N74E340.pdfFA-15HSSD VESDA Detector, Power Supply, Battery CalculationsFN9200
746N74E341.pdfFA-16HSSD Piping Layout 1st FloorFN9200
746N74E342.pdfFA-17HSSD Piping Layout 2nd FloorFN9200
746N74E343.pdfFA-18HSSD Piping Layout 3rd FloorFN9200
746N74E344.pdfFA-19HSSD #1 & #2 SchematicsFN9200
746N74E345.pdfFA-20HSSD #3 & #4 SchematicsFN9200
746N74E346.pdfFA-21ASAPIRE Installation Data PackFN9200


Logic & Device WiringFE5011
754B75E014.pdfFALogic Diag.WE9379
754B75E015.pdfFAXmtr 205 WiringWE9379
754B75E016.pdfFAXmtr 143 & Device WiringFE5011
754B75E023.pdfFAFA Wiring Storage Containers F, G, & KFE5011
754B75E052.pdfFAFAP-001-75 WiringFE5011
754B75E053.pdfFASR-35 Relay WiringFE5011
754B75E054.pdfFAMOI/MID ModulesFE5011
754B75E055.pdf Function Chart & Calculations000000
754B75E058.pdf Rm 120 Partial Plan & ElevationsWE9379
75A4B75AE005.pdfE6HWHF Area Electrical 7 FA Connections022959
75B  SEE BLDG 75 
75C  SEE BLDG 75 
75D  SEE BLDG 75 
75E  SEE BLDG 75 
764B76E006.pdf EMCS Control Room FA InterconnectionFA8040
764B76E016.pdfFA1.2Shop Conversion - FA 1st Floor PlanFP8200
764B76E017.pdfFA1.1Shop Conversion - FA 2ndFloor PlanFP8200
764B76E019.pdf Waste Accumulation Container - Plan/FA Details120196
764B76E022.pdf Xmtr 240 WiringFA8040
764B76E043.pdfFA0.2FAP-001-76 WiringFP8200
764B76E044.pdfFA0.4SR-35, PM-32 Wiring Diag.FP8200
764B76E045.pdf MX-203 Termination Cabinet Connection Diag.FA8040
764B76E046.pdf Logic Diag.FA8040
764B76E058.pdfFA0.3MOI/MID ModulesFP8200
764B76E070.pdfFA1.1FA 2nd Floor PlanFP8200
764B76E081.pdfFA0.1FA Notes, Legend, DetailsFP8200
764B76E082.pdfFA1.2FA 1st Floor PlanFP8200
764B76E089.pdfFAFunction Chart & Calculations000000
76K  SEE BLDG 76 
76L  SEE BLDG 76 
774B77E047.pdf Xmtr 148 Logic Diag.FA8040
774B77E052.pdf Xmtr 122 Logic Diag., ElevationsFA8040
774B77E053.pdf Xmtr 122 Wiring Diag.FA8040
774B77E054.pdfFA0.2FAP-001-77 Interconnection Diag.FC1046
774B77E065.pdf Device WiringFA8040
774B77E066.pdf Chemical Storage Rms 141D & 141E - Elementary Diags.FA8040
774B77E101.pdfFA0.3FAP-002-77 Interconnection Diag.FN5100
774B77E166.pdfFA-1Cleanroom 142C FA PlanW79453
774B77E168.pdfFA-2Cleanroom 142C FA Device Wiring DetailsW79453
774B77E170.pdfFA0.3FAP-003-77 Interconnection Diag.FC1046
774B77E171.pdfFAFunction Chart & Calculations000000
774B77E174.pdfE-1LSAD project - Add FA Bells 2nd Floor Plan & NotesWB8852
774B77E192.pdfFA1.0Rm 244 Modifications - FA Partial Floor PlanFX4031
774B77E193.pdfFA2.0Rm 025 Moves - FA 1st Floor ModificationsFX4031
774B77E248.pdfFA-01Undulator Measurement Facility - FA Cover Sheet & Equipment ListFP1110
774B77E249.pdfFA-02Undulator Measurement Facility - FA Misc. Notes & DetailsFP1110
774B77E251.pdfFA-03Undulator Measurement Facility - FAP-001-77 ModificationsFP1110
774B77E252.pdfFA-04Undulator Measurement Facility - FAP-002-77 ModificationsFP1110
774B77E253.pdfFA-05Undulator Measurement Facility - FAP-003-77 ModificationsFP1110
774B77E254.pdfFA-06Undulator Measurement Facility - FA PlanFP1110
774N77E211.pdfFA0.1Seismic Rehabilitation - FA Details, Notes & Function ChartFN5100
774N77E212.pdfFA0.2Seismic Rehabilitation - FAP-001-77 (Duplicate of 4B77E054J)FN5100
774N77E213.pdfFA0.3Seismic Rehabilitation - FAP-001-77 (Duplicate of 4B77E101H)FN5100
774N77E214.pdfFA0.4Seismic Rehabilitation - FAP-003-77 (Duplicate of 4B77E170F)FN5100
774N77E215.pdfFA0.5Seismic Rehabilitation - Roof Plan Col. I-Q/1-3FN5100
774N77E216.pdfFA0.6Seismic Rehabilitation - Roof Plan Col. Q-Y/1-4FN5100
774N77E217.pdfFA0.7Seismic Rehabilitation - FA Partial 1st Floor & Mezzanine PlanFN5100
77A4B77AE009.pdf Logic & MOI/MID Modules120581
77A4B77AE012.pdf FAP-001-77A Interconnection Diag.120581
77A4B77AE013.pdf Xmtr 132 Interconnection Diag.120581
77A4B77AE016.pdf Waste Accumulation Area Container - Electrical & Fire Alarm120581
77A4B77AE022.pdfFAFunction Chart & Calculations000000
784B78E017.pdfFA0.1Carpenter & Plumbing Shop Relocation - FA Notes, Details, Function ChartFP8300
784B78E018.pdfFA1.0Carpenter & Plumbing Shop Relocation - FA Plan



794B79E007.pdfFA0.1Office Conversion - FA Notes, Details, Calculations, Function ChartFC1046
794B79E008.pdfFA2.1Office Conversion - FA PlansFC1046
79A  SEE BLDG 77 
804B80E004.pdfFAFA Basement PlanFA8040
804B80E005.pdfFAFA 1st Floor PlanFA8040
804B80E006.pdfFAFA 2nd Floor PlanFA8040
804B80E048.pdfE11st Floor Office Modifications - Notification Device Wiring016440
804B80E073.pdf FAP-001 & 002-80 Connection Diag.FA8040
804B80E081.pdfE1Rm 109 - FA Modifications - PlanFX0067
804B80E082.pdfE2Rm 109 FA Modifications - Device WiringFX0067
804B80E083.pdfFALogic Diag.FA8040
804B80E084.pdf MOI/MID ModulesFA8040
804B80E088.pdfFAFAP-003-80 WiringFA8040
804B80E097.pdf Function Chart & Calculations000000
804N80E065.pdfE5.6ALD Biology - FA Diags.120634
80A  SEE BLDG 80 
81  SEE BLDG 71 

Xmtr 102 Wiring & Block Diag.

824B82E005.pdfFALogic Diag.WN1787
824B82E006.pdf MOI/MID ModulesWN1787
824B82E007.pdfFAFunction CHart & Calculations000000
833N83E027.pdfE2.1Fire & Life Safety Project



834B83E012.pdfFA0.1FA Interconnection Diag.FA8040
834B83E014.pdfFAFA Floor Plan & incubator Alarm Wiring153794
834B83E036.pdfFALogic & Wiring Diag.FA8040
834B83E037.pdfFA0.2FAP-001-83 Interconnection Diag.FA8040
834B83E042.pdfFA0.1FAP-001B-83 Wiring & DetailsWCV632
834B83E044.pdfFA1.0FA System Modifications - Plan, Notes, DetailsWCV632
834B83E048.pdfFAFunction Chart & Calculations000000
83A  SEE BLDG 83 
844B84E115.pdf Logic & MOI/MID ModulesWG0721
844B84E116.pdfFALogic Diag.WG0721
844B84E117.pdfFAFAP-001-84 Interconnection Diag.WG0721
844B84E118.pdf FAP-002-84 Interconnection Diag.WG0721
844B84E119.pdf DM-31, SR-35 Interconnection Diag.WG0721
844B84E120.pdfFADevice Wiring Diags.WG0721
844B84E121.pdf FA Riser Diag. (from 4N84E043)000000
844B84E126.pdfFAMXL #6 Arrangement & WiringFE5200
844B84E127.pdf Rm 107 FACP Plan & ElevationWG0721
844B84E134.pdf MXL/MOI Copper Loop #6 NetworkFR1015
844B84E135.pdf MXL/MOI Copper Loop #6 Plan DwgsFR1015
844B84E203.pdfFAFunction Chart & Calculations000000
844N84E043.pdfE5.05FA System Riser Diag.120630
844N84E044.pdfE5.06Logic Diag. & Details120630


Notification Circuits120630
84B  SEE BLDG 84 
854B85E005.pdfE4Notifier to MX-316 MatrixFA8040
854B85E008.pdfE3Storage Containers Power & FA DetailsFX9026
854B85E009.pdfE1Storage Containers Electrical Site PlanFX9026
854B85E010.pdfE2Storage Containers FA RiserFX9026
854B85E072.pdf System 3 Panel Interconnection Diag.FA8040
854B85E073.pdfFALogic Diag.FA8040
854B85E074.pdfFAXmtrs 245 & 246 Block & Zone Logic Diag.FA8040
854B85E075.pdf MOI/MID ModulesFA8040
854B85E076.pdf SR-35 Relays Interconnection Daig.FA8040
854B85E081.pdfFAFunction Chart & Calculations -System 3 & Notifier System000000
854B85E082.pdfFACalculations - Notifier System000000
854N85E038.pdf01Shop Drawing -Legend, Matrix, Site Paln129442
854N85E039.pdf02Shop Drawing - Wiring Riser Diag.129442
854N85E040.pdf03Shop Drawing - 1st & 2nd Floor Layout129442
854N85E041.pdf04Shop Drawing - 3rd Floor & 85A Layout129442
854N85E042.pdf05Shop Drawing - Device Details129442
854N85E043.pdf06Shop Drawing - Device Wiring129442
854N85E044.pdf07Shop Drawing - Misc. Wiring129442
854N85E045.pdf08Shop Drawing - Supervised 120V Wiring129442
854N85E046.pdf09Shop Drawing - Panel Isometric & Wiring129442
854N85E047.pdf10Shop Drawing - Panel Layout & Wiring129442
854N85E048.pdf11Shop Drawing - Voltage Drop Calculations129442
854N85E049.pdf12Shop Drawing - Relays, Battery Calculations129442
854N85E050.pdf13Shop Drawing - FACP & FATC-B Layout129442
854N85E051.pdf14Shop Drawing - FATC-A,e,f Layouts129442
854N85E052.pdf15Shop Drawing - FATC-C,D LAyouts129442
854N85E053.pdf16Shop Drawing - FATC-G,H,J,K,L Layouts129442
85A  SEE BLDG 85 
85B4B85BE005.pdf FAP-001-85B Interconnection Diag.FA040
85B4B85BE006.pdf Device Locations Plan000000
85B4B85BE007.pdfFAFunction Chart & Calculations000000
85B4B85BE011.pdf MOI/MID ModulesFA8040
864B86E025.pdf1Riser Diag., Legend, Function Chart & CalculationsFM5500
864B86E026.pdf2MXL - FAP-001-86FM5500
864B86E027.pdf3VESDA Floor & Ceiling PlansFM5500
864B86E028.pdf4Roof Plan, VESDA Piping & wiring Diags.FM5500
865N86E013.pdfFA-1.0FA Notes, Details, Function ChartFM5500
865N86E014.pdfFA-1.1MXl & VESDA DetailsFM5500
865N86E015.pdfFA-2.0FA & VESDA Floor & Ceiling PlansFM5500
865N86E016.pdfFA-3.0FA Roof Plan & Calculations, Loop AddressesFM5500
884B88E054.pdfFASystem 3 Elevation153794
884B88E056.pdfFALogic Diag., Zones E17-62FB4010
884B88E057.pdf Xmtrs 127 & 128 Logic Diag.FB4010
884B88E058.pdf MX-203, Xmtr 126 & Sr-35 Relays Interconnection Diag.FB4010
884B88E060.pdf MX-203 Cabint, Xmtrs 127 & 128 Interconnection Diag.FB4010
884B88E061.pdf Device Interconnection Diag., Zones E25-28, 30, 31153794
884B88E062.pdf Device Interconnection Diag., Zones 1E33-37, 43, 44 & 46153794
884B88E063.pdf Supervision Tamper Switches Interconnection Diag.153794
884B88E064.pdf Control Room & Caves Plan153794
884B88E065.pdf Cave Smoke Detectors & Graphic Annunciator #4153794
884B88E066.pdf System 3 Panel #1 - Relay Interconnection Diag.153794
884B88E067.pdfFAFAP-001B-88 Interconnection Diag.FB4010
884B88E068.pdfFAFAP-001A-88 Interconnection Diag.FB4010
884B88E069.pdf Zone 7 Annunciator Schedule153794
884B88E070.pdfFADevice Wiring & DetailsFB4010
884B88E100.pdf FAP-001-88 Interconnection Diag.FB4010
884B88E115.pdf Interconnection Diag. Zones E17-28 & 30-32153794
884B88E148.pdfFAFunction Chart & Calculations000000
884B88E168.pdfFAMOI/MID ModulesFB4010


4B88E169.pdfFARm 096 FA Partial PlanFB4010
903N90E124.pdfE2.1Fire & Life Safety Project120257
903N90E125.pdfE2.2Fire & Life Safety Project120257
903N90E126.pdfE2.3Fire & Life Safety Project120257
903N90E127.pdfE2.4Fire & Life Safety Project120257
903N90E128.pdfE2.5Fire & Life Safety Project120257
903N90E129.pdfE2.6Fire & Life Safety Project120257
903N90E130.pdfE2.7Fire & Life Safety Project120257
903N90E131.pdfE2.8Fire & Life Safety Project120257
904B90E101.pdfE1Xmtrs 144 & 145 Logic Diag.FB4010
904B90E102.pdfFAXmtrs 144 & 145 Interconnection Diag.FB4010
904B90E103.pdf XMtr 146 & FAP-001-90 Interconnection Diag.FB4010
904B90E104.pdfFA2nd Floor Pull Can & Devices Interconnection Diag.761383
904B90E105.pdfE5Trailer Devices Interconnection Diag.761383
904B90E149.pdfE1LSAD Project - Install Fire Alarm Bells - Plan & NotesW62759
904B90E156.pdfFAFunction Chart & Calculations000000
904B90E165.pdfE1Rm 020A/020B Smoke Detector - Plan & NotesWB3793
904B90E172.pdfE1LSAD Project - Add Fire Alarm Bells - 3rd Floor Plan & NotesWB8852
904B90E181.pdfE1HVAC Upgrade Projetc - Added FAP-002-90FM2100
904B90E187.pdf Rm 0026J FA Partial Plan & DetailsFB4010
904B90E188.pdfFASR-35 Relays Interconnection Diag.FB4010
904B90E189.pdfFAMOI/MID ModulesFB4010
904B90E190.pdfFAFAP-001 & 001A-90 Wiring Diag.FB4010
90C  SEE BLDG 90 
90P  SEE BLDG 90