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Facilities works closely with the Lab community and customers to keep sustainability as a top priority in all projects.

Many of LBNL’s actions to ensure sustainability at the Lab can be found at Sustainable Berkeley Lab (SBL).

Some of the Facilities sustainability success stories can be found below:

Facilities Sustainability Projects Summary

Facilities Sustainability Report 2011

A Cool Roof for LBNL's Iconic Dome

Advanced Electric Meters

ALS Induction Lighting

Bevatron Demolition Waste Reduction

Boiler Replacements

Building 50A Plugging Leaks Saving Energy

Building 50B Computer Center

Building 70A Wastewater Recycling

Building 74---Modernized with the Earth in Mind

Commute Options

Electric Vehicles

Fleet Reduction

General Purpose Laboratory – 1 (Building 33)

Green Assessments

Green Cafeteria Practices

Molecular Foundry

Recycling and Composting

User Support Building

Waste heat recycling in the ALS USB complex

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