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eRoom Transition - Goal: Retire eRoom in FY15


EMC is not adding any functionality to the eRoom product - and for the past few years has provided security patches but no functional improvements. A few minor upgrades that accommodate newer browsers have been added, but the plugins that allow editing to be less painful have not kept up. Going forward, the version we are on now will no longer be supported in any way by the vendor. It is time to move on. (Many already have - the number of active users is around 25% of what it was 2 years ago).

Google Sites and Docs, Smartsheet, and other tools have been used in lieu of eRoom and these alternatives work well for many use cases. We are working with a vendor who can provide something that matches up with eRoom a little better than anything we have see thus far - and this tool (AODocs) may wind up being the end destination for many of our older eRooms.

The Plan

We have identifed several alternatives, provided a mechanism to archive data for future reference (if required), and will provide transition assistance. Although we still do not have a confirmed solution for all current eRoom users, we do have a candidate application (AODocs - a Google Marketplace App) that integrates with Google Apps and can replace many eRooms. (a migration tool was developed by, a Google premier partner) Until then, we can do the following:

  • Identify user accounts that are no longer needed and disable them. (started in 2011)
  • Identify eRooms that are no longer needed and provide alternatives (in progress)
    • eRooms that can deleted without archiving data
    • eRooms that can be archived to alternative storage and then deleted.
  • Provide alternatives for active eRoom users and move current data to one of them.

This space on Commons will be our primary vehicle for documenting this process. (

Communication and Training

A master list of all eRooms and their coordinators has been created. Decisions on how to deal with each eRoom will be made by coordinators via a program that has been written to solicit, record and communicate decisions to IT for implementation.

Training for the AODocs option for transfer of eRooms will be provided. Scheduled training (1.5 hours) in the 90-26 hands on classroom is available on most Wednesdays in September and October. Sign up at the employee self service site if interested. IT will also do lecture based overviews during this same time period as requested by eRoom coordinators at customer locations or via webinar.



  • July - Delete eRooms that are no longer needed (as per coordinator input)
  • August - Archive and/or create Zip files for eRooms no longer active but data needs to be saved
  • Late August - through October - Identify eRooms that are reference only and can be moved to AODocs in groups of 10/week. Goal - total number of eRooms left <300
  • November - December. Review remaining eRooms, determine functionality gap that prevents migration, and develop solutions. Goal - total number of eRooms left <150


  • January - spring cleaning - identify old eRooms with no visits in past 6 months and very little content. contact coordinators and delete unless otherwise notified. candidate pool ~ 100 rooms
  • February - March - Migrate eRooms to AODocs if they match up functionally.
  • April - revisit remaining eRooms and determine next steps
  • November: 90 eRooms left - Start Selective user engagement (engineering, cfo, facilities). Also review 0 visit eRooms and contact coordinators.


As of March 31, we now have 21 eRooms left. Most of these are either in use or frequently accessed. We are working with points of contact to see how AODocs will work as an alternative.


eRoom Scorecard 1/11/2016

Remaining rooms


Archived/ Exported

Migrated to AODocs







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