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Upgrading from Creo Parametric 3.0 to Creo Parametric 4.0

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    How to upgrade your Creo Parametric 3.0 to Creo Parametric 4.0 on you PC (Onsite)
    This document has been created to assist users already using Creo Parametric 3.0 to upgrade their Computers to Creo Parametric 4.0.
    NOTE: Please make sure all your data is at leased Uploaded before continuing with this Instruction.

    Open Windows Explorer and go to : \\engcifs1\allusers\cad\PTC

    Right Mouse Click over "Onsite-MoveToCreo4.bat" and select "Run as administrator"

    Click Yes on Prompt

    NOTE: A MS-DOS Window will appear that starts executing the Script and after a couple of minutes (could be up to 10) close when the Copy is Done. Window might be blank for a period of time, do not close.

    NOTE: This will setup C:\PTC and all related objects.

    Click "Yes"

    On the Registry Editor Window > Yes

    After Registry Editor update you should see a Confirmation Window > OK

    Ok so can close the Explorer Window and Launch the "Start_CREO_4" on the desktop

    You are Done with the Upgrade.

    Note: If you get any Windows Security Alerts the first time you start Creo Parametric : Select Allow access

    To Access your Windchill Workspace, just Activate it by going to : File > Manage Session > Server Management

    In the Server Management Window select the Workspace you need and activate it. (Double Click)




    Install Creo Parametric

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