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    The chart below outlines the process for the Engineering Division. To ensure full reimbursement, please review the information on the Key Policy Reminders tab. Please note that the chart has active links to more information, documents and forms.

    If your travel is for a matrix assignment and is processed by another division, your travel request should follow their procedure.


    As a policy reminder, please note the following:

    • Expenses should be reported within 30 days of the conclusion of your trip.
    • Travel to conferences, workshops, symposia, etc. may be subject to DOE approval; requests to attend should be submitted as soon as potential participation is known.

      • Conference approval turnaround varies widely and is based on the popularity of the conference within the Laboratory/DOE Complex and the proximity to the due date of the abstract, early registration, or other critical date.

      • Costs cannot be incurred (if using DOE funds) until the conference or meeting is approved or deemed exempt.

      • Conferences can be reported with estimates. Include dates, location, conference name, website if available, and place holders for a specified number of people.

      • Approval to attend must be documented in an email from your supervisor; forward the approval email to your administrative assistant or eg-admin@lbl.gov.

    • Travel should be conducted in a manner that meets business needs, minimizes costs, and uses funds responsibly.
      • Use of actuals for M&IE is strongly encouraged and is required by some programs/projects.
      • Car/limousine services should not be used if more economical modes of transportation are reasonable. Use of a car/limousine service must be justified with valid business reasons.
    • Rental car insurance should be declined and is not reimbursable; cars rented for business travel are covered through the Laboratory's insurance policy.
    • All foreign trips must be booked through the Berkeley Lab travel agent, Carlson Wagonlit.
    • Some foreign destinations require additional information and advanced [HTSOS or FACT] training
    • Personal travel booked through Carlson Wagonlit must be done via phone and will incur a $35 charge and require a personal credit card.
    • Business travel that includes personal time must be done via phone and obtain an "allowable" from the travel agency.
    • Expenses over 90 days will require approval of the Division Deputy of Operations or Business Manager.
    • Un-expensed prepaid costs (airfare/registration) over 120 days will be reported as income and become taxable; taxes will be deducted from the employee's next paycheck.

    If your trip includes conference attendance, please fill in the Conference Travel portion of the appropriate form below. The administrative administrative assistant assigned to the trip will report the conference for approval prior to entering the travel authorization and arranging the trip. If conference attendance is not included in the trip, you may skip that section of the form.

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